Fairphone always wakes on Lawnchair home screen, not on the app that was open before locking

When I lock the screen, or let the screen go to sleep after X seconds, the app that was in front is no longer shown on wake. Instead I land on the home page when I unlock using the button/fingerprint scanner.

This happens if there is more than 1 minute between the screen turning off and my unlocking the the phone again.

Steps that I follow:

  1. Open Google Maps (or Spotify)
  2. Start navigation somewhere (or start playing a song)
  3. Turn off the screen by pressing the lock button
  4. Wait 2 minutes
  5. Turn on the screen by touching the fingerscanner or pressing the button
  • Expected result: the screen shows the Google Maps app (or Spotify)
  • Actual result: the screen shows the home screen, I have to open the Google Maps (or Spotify) app to show what was on the screen in step 2.

I’m using the Lawnchair launcher (version 2.0-2589), but I observed the same behaviour with the default launcher (Quickstep).

I feel that I have checked all kinds of battery saving settings already, but perhaps I am missing something.

Hello. Does the same thing happen in safe mode? (Note that you need to try it with some system app. Apps you installed are disabled in safe mode.)

FYI, if this is any use: I’m using Lawnchair 12.0.0a5 and do not observe this. (Lawnchair 2 is… rather old, though as you note it seems unlikely to be the cause.)

Interesting! I tried switching to the newer lawnchair, but I couldn’t find categories in the drawer anymore, so that’s why I rolled back.

Yeah, I think they’re gone (along with tabs and folders). I don’t really miss them, but then I always navigated the app drawer by searching anyway (and hardly use it compared to folders and widgets on the home screen).

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I found in this reddit thread that the solution is to set “one lock” for the work + personal profile:

Settings → Security → Advanced Settings, and then under Work profile security, enable ‘Use one lock’