Fairphone 5 - unable to access the Internet abroad

I have just arrived in Spain (first time abroad since purchasing a Fairphone 5). Despite data roaming being switched on, I am unable to access the Internet. I have a signal (Vodafone ES) and my husband who is with the same network provider can access it ok. Is this a Fair phone issue? If so - deeply regretting the purchase. Any advice gratefully received

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What is your provider? Did you check settings and your data plan?

Mine worked fine with a German SIM card in Spain.

Have a look at this FP4 topics

Yes - called Lebara and all ok from their point of view.

Not sure I would know what to do with changing those settings but APN editing appears to be disabled anyway.

You could just add a new one instead of changing the existing, and you can still see what is set in this field mentioned in the other topic

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