Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

Same here - but the original case had the tendency to ‘grow’ so much that it didn’t hold tight to the phone anymore (and a replacement in warranty had the same problem).
In the end I went for third party cases - the best of which is the wonderful wooden one from Bark. They probably will release one for FP5 as well :slight_smile: (or so we can hope) https://en.barksweden.com/shop-1


I had a look at that site and wooden covers are wonderful.

Just a question: do they work? :slight_smile:

I mean… they can protect the phone from scratches, for instance, but is wood good at protecting phone from a fall? Can wood absorb the force of impact as good as a rubber case?

I’m asking this because my main concern are falls.



I’m quite sure there were feedback reports on the wooden BARK cases in topics on FP3 and FP4 cases, just look them up.

Does FP5 comes with some sort of “built in” protection against falls? Something like a bumber or anything else?

I also have to decide whether it’s worth buying the case, most of all because I’m getting the transparent phone version and with a rubber case it would loose it’s sex appeal :slight_smile:

According to FP5 specs it passed drop tests ICE 60058-2-31 (1.8m) and MIL-810H (1.5m) but I can’t find specs for FP3+ (my phone) so I don’t know if FP3 was already compliant to those standards or FP5 is a real step forward in robustness and maybe doesn’t need a protective case. Does anybody know?

Does anybody work with above standards and can shed some light on how good they are to say if FP5 needs a protective case or not?

Anyway… it’s quite questionable this choice of selling a transparent phone without any transparent rubber case.



Hi Max,

my phone fell only once, since I got the case, but I imagine the wood would break and protect the phone in case of a real bad tumble.

Of course, when it cracks/breaks, it’s very easy to repair with wood glue and it will only get stronger :slight_smile: (see the FAQ on their site)

I’m quite confident that it’s a good protection for my phone, and the good looks are just an additional bonus.


there is a third company selling transparent cases, if this is sth you might consider,

I ordered this one and waiting for the delayed delivery. I am also considering those - from biowaves, as they look nice and different, but they are not ready yet


Thanks a lot.

unfortunately the first one is for FP5 but is not “fair” and the second one is “fair” but is not for FP5 :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on the second one as it could be that for FP5 there will also be a transparent version. Who knows…


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Perhaps I did not make it clear, Biowaves has officially confirmed working on cases for FP5


yes it says so on the website. ‘coming soon - Fairphone 5 Case’

In my requirements I have fair, FP5 and transparent, that’s why I’ll keep an eye on the second one, just in case there will be something in their FP5 fair covers that will also be transparent.

EDIT: I’ve just written asking them if they will also sell transparent covers for FP5. I’ll let you know…


re. the drop tests, I believe FP4 was the first one which was tested and conforms to a spec (MIL-810G in that case). MIL-810H is supposedly more tough (no longer dropping on plywood over concrete, now it’s supposedly steel over concrete). For FP4 there was no drop distance specified, 1.5 and 1.8m seems like quite a reasonable drop distance. I think we may be fairly sure that the FP5 will be able to stand some abuse.
Not that I’m likely to try and attempt to use it as a hammer like I did with my trusty old Nokia 3210…

Here’s what I found about the drop test ‘standards’:
IEC 60068-2-31 | Keystone Compliance (I think the 60058 was a typo, all references I find to it are all FP5 related)
RuggedPCReview Blog (MIL-810H: steel over concrete)


I have the green biowaves case for the FP4. They are hard bio plastics and very snug. So getting the phone out again takes quite some effort. Good thing is, you won’t have to fear that the phone could fall out the case, like it can happen with the official one. But they are also very smooth, a little too smooth for my taste. Happens that the phone slips off my hand, or easily slides on smooth surfaces. Apart from that, I actually like the design and that they conceal and protect the camera bump.

So if you want fair cases for the FP4 you can choose between the official very loose but rubbery and flexible, or the biowaves very snug and slippery hard plastic. I don’t like either unfortunately. I liked the official one in the beginning when it fit better, but it wore out quickly and now doesn’t fit right anymore.

I would hope for the official FP5 case, that they figured this out and that the cases keep their form longer and fit the phone better.


I recieved the FP5 today, including the original TPU case. The case does not protect the front like it did on the FP3. It is really underwhealming: the border next to the screen barely touches the front and is very very easily pushed away with a light finger press. I think in a fall the case will bend away and not really protect. It also obstructs the fingerprint sensor if you have bigger fingers like me. So the case is an expensive but only half-usable case. I’m dissapointed with it. I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow.


thanks for the review of the case, I’d like to see those pics. Sad that the official cases for FP3, FP4 and apparently FP5 too are all quite underwhelming (my FP3 case ‘grew’ loose, apparently the FP4 one does it still, and the FP5 is loose from the start :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: no thanks. I think FP should partner up with a reputable case maker like Pela.
How’s the FP5, @Garijs ? Yours seems to be the first one ‘in the wild’ :wink:

Left the FP5, right my FP3. The case clearly is not protecting the FP5 when put face down…


Clearly. That’s a pass for me :slight_smile:

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New fairphone 5 Owner here.
I’ve also ordered the great transluscid version so I’d rather not use an opaque color case.

From what i’ve understood, no manufacturer does clear cases just yet? Or Belsimpel does @Meaghan ? Did you receive yours?

Comming from a OnePlus 8T, that’s kind of a bummer that the accessories market for fairphones is a bit slow to react. I used to order Spigen cases for my previous cases but they don’t make cases for fairphones.

Cheers !

I have ordered a sky-blue option which was marked as one with the longest waiting time, so at the moment I don’t have a phone nor the case yet.
Will be happy to report once I have them.
Belsimpel suggested 3 October as the ETA for the case.

There are already transparent cases available:


Yeah they’re mostly chinese manufacturers shipping them from China. Not dispatched by amazon (yet)
Might as well order it directly from Aliexpress for half the price with a screen glass protector.
It’s a bit weird to order from aliexpress when buying a Fairphone ^^