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Will the Fairphone 5 be available on amazon.de in the near future?

They’re not listed as a reseller in Fairphone’s press release, so they’re not an official partner. I personally don’t think it’ll be available there as long as pre- and early orders are being served, which may take a few weeks.

Why not buy it from Fairphone directly? No need to artificially inflate wait time just to further support the monopoly and not-so-nice working conditions of amazon. :wink: (Also you may potentially have to go through amazon first for in-warranty-support when something is wromg with your device - at least that has happened to me with other non-fairphone devices. And as far I know Amazon they’re not really that fond of repairs. ^^)

Also take a look at this community-curated list of resellers:


Thanks @urs_lesse

I did once the full breakdown of the FP3, It was indeed a lot of screws ánd FEARS of breaking! I will keep it together, long as possible of course. There will be a moment when repair is needed. Thanks!

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Thank you for your helpful answer!
My main reason for wanting it to buy on Amazon is that I hoped to buy it from their “Amazon Warehouse Deals”-platform in a few months, in order to save some money in comparison to the new product, not because I’m a fan of Amazon and their working conditions. Quite the opposite, actually.
I hope you can understand my reasoning.

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You could try resellers like Cyberport which have some B-Ware which I think are returned products for a lower price, too. Not yet for FP5, but there are FP4 as B-Ware.
Apart from that currently you get a free case when buying at one of these resellers which is at least some kind of discount.

I’m not sure how much you would potentially save and at what other “cost”. First, some devices would have to come back to them and then still be deemed sell-able. But of course buying those returned products can also be seen as some sort of more ecological approach.

Side note: As far as I see there is a referral program (again). So if buying from Fairphone directly, you should be able to get at least a 25€ discount if you find someone who can provide you with a code - which should not be so hard on this forum :wink: . I assume this is limited to new customers, though.

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Well… currently barely anyone has any earlier orders in their user account at fairphone.com - does that count? :wink:


Can’t hurt to try, I guess :wink:

Oh yeah! It’s a beauty!
Delivered in the Netherlands.


Not yet! I did order maybe 2 hours after the webshop opened. So maybe they had a lot of orders :tada: The website also had some issues with the load.

In my case, it was just half hour after, but also with some load issues. I believe when I ordered (transparent) the delivery (est) date is after September 21. I hope it will be sent next week!!!

I love the transparent cover but I wonder what the blue shapes represent. Does anybody know ?

Don’t know, but I’d like to think it’s a melting iceberg that can be stopped if we change.

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Congratulations :+1:

If you feel comfortable to do so, you might want to add your country. Makes it more interesting to see how delivery spreads. :slight_smile:


Delivery date depends on the colour you order. Then also the delivery time to the different countries differ.

Exiting news! I have a mail (the end of the working day) from Fairphone: order has been sent!

Delivery in The Netherlands // Transparent cover

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Same for me! 21:31h shipment confirmation to Germany. Transparent cover. I’m excited! Maybe I can help building CalyxOS or something google free :slight_smile:


Seems like I was early with my order indeed (but what does it help?): I received the shipment confirmation for my transparent phone to Germany on Thursday shortly before 3 PM already. Then UPS only updated the expected delivery date on Friday morning when the journey started in Eindhoven. Unfortunately UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturday, so I have a weekend of pleasant anticipation ahead of me…

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Spotted at a local ‘Mediamarkt’ in Austria:


It’s here! I’m already in love :smiley: