Fairphone 5 hotspot kicks out devices very often for no reason

When i activate the hotspot on my Fairphone 5 and connect it to my Laptop. It gets kicked out every 2 minutes. I then have to log into the hotspot by means of rewriting my password. Windows 11 states the “network configuration” has changed and i need to rewrite the password.
This happens with 6ghz(WPA3), 5 ghz (wpa2 and wpa3). 2.4 ghz works but i need the 5 and 6 ghz band for downloading huge files.
How can i fix this issue ?

Make sure that both frequency bands use the same encryption setting… i.e. either both “WPA3” or both “WPA2 & WPA3”. They are both different offers for encryption, even if a device is only connected via WPA3 in the end.

Additional info: Older devices may not be able to use the WPA3 standard, but they have been given the choice with the WPA2 & WPA3 option to downgrade to WPA2 + PMF.