Fairphone 5 ghost input in corners of screen + camera

Hi all!

2 days ago I received my new FP5 and right since the beginning it has troubles with ghost input.

At first I didn’t know what was going on, but after using the developer feature which shows input it seems that the location of the front camera sometimes produces ghost input, see picture.
Sometimes there is also ghost input in the top corners of the screen (both left and right), but this is not as often.
When this happens, sometimes the ‘real’ input starts to lag. In the screenshot you can also see I tried swiping up multiple times which seems to register, but not come through to the actual OS.

So far I have not found a reliable way to make the ghost input stop, locking and unlocking doesn’t reliably do the trick. After rebooting it comes back as well. Usually it disappears after a while, so for now I just wait until it’s gone again (I have the input-showing app to check if there’s ghost input :') ).

Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks in advance!


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Update: the bottom corners display this behaviour as well. I can now also reliably trigger the bug by swiping over either corner of the screen.

In the screenshot below I swiped over the bottom-right corner and it triggered again with both the bottor-right and upper-right corner (but not the camera, which is weird). It also started lagging on normal input again, see the three swipe lines in the middle.

Def. get in contact with support… contactsupport

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Thanks, just did that!

Did you manage to get this sorted out?

I’m experiencing the same (or at least very similar) issue as you described since a few days.

I have exactly the same issue - what was the solution for you?

I have contacted support, but the message was 8-9 (working?) days to reply and my son is very soon going to have my old phone for his birthday. Which requires that I knows I don’t have to send my new one in for a 3 week repair, soo… Any hint would help.

What was your solution?

So sorry for the late reply, I sadly have no solution for this and just sent it in for repair.
However, I managed to reduce the issue a lot in the meantime by plugging the charger in and out a few times, but this is not a long-term fix.

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I just had a talk to customer service. It is a known issue, but only in a few cases. The only thing they can do is that I send the phone back and then they send me a new one. I guess the old one will be repaired and sold as refurbished.

Customer service was very nice, answered quickly and the first person who took the phone was able to handle the whole issue. This is pretty rare and not something to take for granted.

My case got finished when I sent in the phone and got a replacement. It was a refurbished one, which is a bit disappointing. I went from a brand new phone which history I knew to one have been used for perhaps 1-2 weeks and sustained wear that is not visible. I think such a replacement is ok for a repair of a phone that has been used for a significant time but not for a dead on arrival. It’s like selling a refurb for full price.
But I did not have time for further replacements so I accepted it.

The refurbished phone have worked fine for a week now. But I am mostly worried about 4+ yeares, as I hope til will last 8-10 years.

How do you know its not new? Maybe just a return so also not really used at all? And you are sure its not ypur phone with a new core module and or screen?

The sticker that held the lid closed was cut and the phone had a crumbled sticker wrapped all around it to protect the screen. Perfectly ok for protecting the screen, but never seen on a new phone out of the factory.
I know it’s a different one because it has a new IMEI1 module and the tech had forgotten to put a screen protector on the replacement, even though I had an original FP one on. They are sending one now. So they had to replace the core module and screen. Further the sticker on the box was ripped on the edge where I just had cut it in the groove. Finally the supporter said that I would get a replacement. Not a word about a refurb.

Hornestly, because if it had been a normal smart phone company I had returned it and bought new one. But I believe in the cause of Fairphone and it is probably ok. The start of this journey was just too rough around the edges.

I would def. send this feedback to Fairphone directly, as Cordon is just acting on behalf of Fairphone, to ensure that this is the correct process. Not sure Cordon has new phones at hand or they rather have modules and just picked another box instead of yours.