Fairphone 5 first impression

I just recieved my new Fairphone 5 and want to share my first impression of the phone and what already borthers me about it.
Overall the phone seems nice, compared to my old Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, but there are a few things which could be improved or changed
Firstly the phone is quite thicc, but i think this is mostly caused by the fact that you can open it, completely repair and exchange all parts, so i can accept it.
So to the things which are not well designed: The power button does not fit together with the protection case. The case is quite big and because of the small power button, you cant really reach the button easily while the case is around it. Here i would like a bigger button.
On the main screen is from the beginning a google search bar which cant be removed. I dont really understand the logic behind it, but that should definitely be change. On an android phone i want to be able to customize as much as possible, especially something simple as that.
Third thing for now is also connected to the costumisation of the main screen. On my old phone it was possible to decide where my apps are stored. On the FP5 unfortunately i cant change this, all apps are stored when swiping down. Unfortunately here i also cant customize in which order the apps are placed. Or have i not found it yet? If so it should be more obvious and a direct setting buttons for the costumisation of the apps area should be included there.

This has already been discussed a lot here. I doubt it will be changed. You may install a different launcher like Nova Launcher to change that.
You’ll find all information within this FP4 topic (which mainly also applies to FP5):

Sorry, I don’t exactly understand what you mean here:

Are you referring to quick settings? If not, maybe Nova Launcher might also help here?

  1. can be removed with universal android debloter.
    fairphone 5 on stock os

Maybe the app drawer is meant (although it means swiping up?)? There the apps are in alphabetical order and yes with the stock launcher no possible to change.

Probably what was discussed here for the FP4…

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