Fairphone 5: Crowdsourcing test devices for aftermarket OS developers?

Hello all!
As you know, the FP5 was released a few days ago and the first of us already got their new phone.
And some of us - like me - are eagerly waiting for custom ROMs for their FP5.

And it didn’t take long for Murena and iodéOS to announce their LinegeoOS forked OS for mid-October, which is amazingly fast!

But so far, I haven’t seen people committed to porting and developing OSes like LineageOS and DivestOS - neither of which are behind a company like Murena and iodé that intend to sell FP5s with their OS pre-installed and offer subscription services.

One thing that could help here is crowdsourcing money for some FP5 test devices for potential developers.
Maybe some developers who maintain LOS for other Fairphones like the FP3 (@TeamB58) and the FP4 (@mikeNG) would be willing to maintain LOS for the upcoming FP5 as well?
Or maybe someone knows other developers who have enough spare time to do that?

DivestOS support requires that there is an official LineageOS available. But once that is the case - and of course only if @SkewedZeppelin is willing to support the FP5 - a crowdsourced device could also be useful to provide good device support.

I know that this work is mostly done in spare time and I don’t want to ask anything from anyone. But maybe someone is willing to do this important work if they only had a test device :slight_smile:

I would like to contribute 200€ from my side to support the development :slight_smile:
Maybe others are also willing to do so?


I would probably chip in 50€ as well (unfortunately not more, as I’m a student without a fixed income). But I’d also love to help with development, I’m comfortable with fiddling with software and stuff.

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May I ask how possible /e/OS and iodéOS, which are based upon LineageOS, can release a software before upstream ?

I guess because they employ their own developers which can fork LineageOS and get help and specifics from Fairphone to adapt LineageOS and thus their iodéOS or /e/OS to a new device.

Question for me would be why they wouldn’t do the official LineageOS maintenance for the device then while they’re at it. I (obviously) have no clue how much additional work this would require compared to the work they constantly have to do anyway.


I would also be willing to contribute to crowdsourcing hardware to developers. What would be the conditions? An existing LineageOS maintainer promises do do a certain amount of work, and then several people transfer money to a IBAN or paypal address?

Do we have an overview what work is necessary to do an initial FP5 LineageOS port?

Hello everyone!
I am very sorry for my late reply. The last two weeks were very stressful and I didn’t have enough time to reply here.

In the meantime I heard that the LineageOS & CalyxOS development is already underway. You can see the progress in these two GitHub repos and on GitLab:

Apparently, Fairphone has already given away some test devices to some developers. But nevertheless donations are still very welcome.

That’s great! I mean, even 50€ is a great supporting donation :slight_smile:

I don’t think we should or could put any conditions. I was thinking more of donating money to support some open source developers who want to contribute in some way.
And since devices as mentioned above are not even the top priority anymore at the moment, I suppose a general support of these developers is the way to go - and so hopefully make more aftermarket OSes available for the FP5 :slight_smile:

CalyxOS at least seems to do that in some way…

But yes, I would like it if other OS development companies like iodéOS and murena would also contribute a bit more, as they depend on the whole LineageOS community and their work…

  • know that @TeamB58, who contributed a lot to LineageOS for FP3, plans to contribute more and more to FP5 in the coming months.
    This is TeamB58’s co-fi page where you can support this effort with a donation:
  • @SkewedZeppelin is developing divestOS, which I would love to run on my FP5 and I hope that will come true one day
    A donation might help in this regard - here is the donation page for divestOS:
    Donate - Divested Computing

These are the two projects I personally would like to support in the near future. But of course there might be other OS projects that need our support - just tell about them :slight_smile: