Fairphone 5 cannot connect or even "see" any 5G networks

I’ve got a 5G sim, have it 5G enabled and with a plan that supports it. My fairphone 5 resolutely sits on LTE.

In settings it has 5G/4G/3G as preferred order. I’ve been through all the troubleshooting from the network provider without success.

When I go to manually select network, all of the other networks show up but not one of them shows a 5G signal. I’m in a built up area with a strong 5G signal (both indoors and outdoors).

Any ideas?



Where are you located? Maybe the provider uses a 5G band not supported by the FP5.

Carrier is UK Giffgaff on O2 network. Uses band n78. Which should be compatible with the FP5

Resolved - Advertised “strong” 5G signal in this area is BS.


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