Fairphone 5 Camera test - DXOMARK

The latest model Fairphone 5 5G comes with only slightly improved camera specifications but major improvements in the software department when compared to its predecessor Fairphone 4. As a result, the Fairphone 5 5G outperformed the 4 by almost 40 points in the DXOMARK Camera tests.


According to the link, the software is much better than of the FP4 and it brings the FP5 camera to an average quality in its category.

I am surprised to see an overall mark close to a Pixel 5 or a Samsung A54.

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True. But the FP4 scores higher than a Pixel 3 according to their scoring methods. Which does not reflect reality. But I’m impressed by the pics I’ve seen so far from the FP5. So maybe they are on point this time. :tada:


I’m coming from a 7-year-old iPhone 7, so I guess the camera will definitely be an improvement, and my expectations aren’t as high :slight_smile: Just checked, the iPhone 7 Plus scored 74 on their method, so chances are really high that the FP5 camera will be an improvement for me and I’ll be satisfied :smiley:

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