Fairphone 5 call record by skvalex

Hi everyone,

To anyone with a fairphone 5 because I only have the 4. Does this app work with 2 way recording? I know it works for the fairphone 4 with lineage very well. Planning to buy a second fairphone but this is a deal breaker for me. Hoping someone can confirm that call recording from both parties work with the FP5.


Is your device rooted or did you get it working without root permissions on the FP4?

Hi and welcome to the community,

just note till now there is only 1 test device availavle for the German community, no FP5s have been shipped to any end user so far.

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Rooted but seems to work with lineage stock recorder. I just use skvalex call recorder to organize and transfer to external SD card.

Would you be so kind as to direct me to Where and who has the device currently?.

It’s currently on its way from Aachen to Hamburg for the community meetup there. After that it’ll go to Munich. But regular devices will start shipping tomorrow, so there should be a lot more soon.