Fairphone 5 bike mount for 4 Quick Fix System

I’ve made a Fairphone 5 bike mount for 4 Quick Fix System adapter.

Fairphone sits tightly.

I’ve used the Simple 4 Quick Fix Worldwide Mount Plate made by @RoboMagus (thank you!) and fused it into my bike mount.

I bought this cheap QuickMOUNT from amazon for my bike.

FYI: I adjusted the tolerance to a minimum, so the phone sits not loose in the mount. It’s quite close fitting, but not to much to scratch it…
I’ve tested it over bumpy Berlin Kopfsteinplaster and it’s holding tight!

Origin and Kudos

I used as base the cool Fairphone 5 Rugged TPU Case thanks to User TechTom (@TechTom)!


Thank you for the credits.

Great maker spirit <3


What about vibration when riding a bike? Won’t the camera lenses come loose over time?

Don’t know, FP3 and FP4 had never a problem. Shouldn’t be that different using it in a car or while jogging.

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