Fairphone 5 - Android Setup issue

I have a stupid issue with the after init setup.
I set the phone up, skipped the “copy data” part, skip the “Unlock with Face” option and set the fingerprint unlock option.
Then the first thing I done was to copy some apk’s from my PC (Fdroid and 3rd party Telegram client) and installed the latest OS update.
After this was done, I decided to get rid of the “Fairphone 5 5G setup in progress. Tap to finish settings up” notification and just clicked on it. First I’m getting asked to copy the data from other device, which I skipped since my old Samsung phone was wrecked and then it ask me to add face unlock.
If I press skip, it shows me the “Getting your phone ready…” screen and jumps again to the face unlock question. If I press skip again, I get a pop-up window which says that “Android Setup keeps stopping” and gives me the option of App Info and Close App.
Same thing happens if I try to add the face unlock option.
Would I face any future issues if I would just disable the “Android Setup” App in the settings?

In your place I would perform a factory reset and start again. But don’t start installing stuff or making configuration changes, until the setup process has finished.

As for the OS update you shouldn’t need to do that again, the reset will keep the latest OS version.

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