Fairphone 5 and Ubuntu Touch

I know it is maybe early but are there any plans for support of Ubuntu Touch for Fairphone 5 ?


I also what to know the same thing. And can I also run the same programs as on a raspberry pi with ubuntu touch?

I guess this is the wrong place to ask, as this is a user forum for Faitphone.
Please check https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io instead for any news about supported devices.
As FP2, FP3 or FP4 are or were supported, I have some hope that the FP5 will be in the future too, but who knows?

As Marius always says: “if your device is not in the list you can port it yourself” :wink:

Otherwise, FP5 was already mentioned in the Q&A so there is good hope that it will be supported in the future :smiley:

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In Q&A there were talking about purchasing Firphone 5 with Ubuntu Touch. I’m curious more in installing Ubuntu Touch at some point in the future. So if there is any information/links how to track progress in that direction it would be appreciated.

If not on the site of Ubuntu Touch, where else would you like to track?

You can track the UBports forum, too :slight_smile:


From Q&A 125:

Fairphone 5

V64rd wondered whether there will be support for Fairphone 5? Marius is getting one soon, so the answer is probably yes. The workings share a lot with earlier Fairphone models so we should have a head start.

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thank you for sharing this! and this is a great news looking forward to my FP5 on eventually UT

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Some news about FP5 in the Q&A 138.

Even if there is not yet any public release, Marius is using his FP5 to develop 5G and VoLTE on Ubuntu Touch :smiley:

See also his post.