Fairphone 4 won't connect to mobile network (UK)


I got a Fairphone 4 back in December, I use one Vodafone microsim on their Voxi network. The last 24h-ish I have had no signal and a message saying ‘emergency calls only’. I have restarted my phone multiple times. This initially did help, with the phone reconnecting to Vodafone and allowing me to make/receive calls and send/receive texts. However now restarting isn’t working at all- still no connection to network. I have updated the system, attempting to choose the network myself (just says it can’t connect to Vodafone or any other network I try), and have reset my network settings.
Has anyone else had this issue, or can anyone help me fix it?!
Thank you in advance.


Did you try taking the SIM out, cleaning the contacts and putting it back in?

Yes, sadly hasn’t made a difference :frowning:

  • Can you borrow another sim? If that works then maybe you need a new sim card.
  • Have you tried starting in Safe Mode?
  • Do you have an SD card card inserted and is it formatted as Internal?
  • Could be a loose connection in the phone, maybe a dismantle and reassemble?

Lastly you could try a factory reset

Did you check the Vodafone network status checker whether there’s an outage in your area? Their home page looks like they might be in a pickle…


In a german Facebook group about Fairphone people reported about trouble connecting with O2 network. There have been two ways to solve it:

  1. Disable VoLTE in the settings.
  2. Switch off the SIM card while in use, than switch it back on again.

Hope this will work for you as well.

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I think the first port of call is to establish if the issue is with your SIM or your phone.

Can you try your SIM in another device? If not, are you able to borrow an active SIM from someone to test if it works in your phone?

If you can’t do any of these, contact Voxi and check if your account remains active, and check you haven’t had a SIM swap (either legitimately or fraudulently).

If all is above board there still, request a new SIM. If that works, great, and if it fails you’ll know it’s the phone.


Given @RSpliet notice that there are some network drop outs I wonder where you are. Sending Private|Direct message

Hello, thanks all for your input! I have fixed the issue- had already tried most of the fixes suggested, but what I HADN’T done- in this order- was 1. Switch off the sim card whilst in use; 2. Restart the phone with the sim switched off; 3. Wait an arbitrary amount of time then switch sim back on.
No idea why this worked but it did so happy days.
Thanks all!



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