Fairphone 4, USB-C audio cable/headphones

As many of you may already know, the Fairphone 4 doesn’t have a headphone jack Ref: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406224031889-FP4-No-audio-mini-jack

So Fairphone have provided an easy and reasonable solution to this issue with a simple USB-C to 3.5mm adapter

I am sure there are several out there who would maybe just want a single cable to use from their headphones to the phone. If you have an existing pair of headphones that have a removable 3.5 mm cable then you could use one of these:

While doing some research I found these headphones which support both USB-C to USB-C/USB-A*, Bluetooth and 3.5mm:

  • Note: the included USB-C cable is USB-C to USB-A, but the review at the-gadgeteer.com confirms it will work with a USB-C to USB-C cable

There are of course other options, but I think these look promising.


This is utterly disappointing.
I just got myself FP3+, and i guess i will be keeping it. Loss of headphone jack is a dealbreaker for me. I bought FP3+ for instance specifically cause it had headphone jack. There is no reasonability in adapters. This is just stupid.


Hi @Hensa and welcome to the forum.

There a lot of fairly heated debate about that, here’s one topic


I understand your frustration over this decision, but thankfully the FP3+ has a long life ahead of itself so you will be able to enjoy your wired headphones for quite some time to come.

I suspect the headphone jack will continue to be included in a number of phones going forward, but there is no denying that wireless headphones have seen an increased adoption rate. In 5-10 years time, it may become a niche feature to include.

Since the EU are trying to push for USB-C as the single charging port for phones and other handheld devices, I suspect that many wireless headphones will also function as wired headphones via their USB-C charging cable. This doesn’t help you right now, but perhaps in the future.

I hope you enjoy using your FP3+ knowing that it will be receiving updates for a long time :slight_smile:

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Hopefully :slight_smile: Bu I’ll be on the lookout for parts well before it’s EoL

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There is a plethora of headsets supporting wired and wireless. Both my over-ear support is.

WH1000XM4 supports 3.5mm, USB-C, and BT.

Logitech G933 supports 3.5mm, microUSB, and a proprietary 2.4 GHz technology which can be enabled with a USB-A dongle (this worked on FP2 with microUSB to USB-OTG dongle.

For in-ears its usually one or the other though.

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This is good, but I don’t think the Logitech G933 would be a particularly good choice for me on my commute :joy:

I’ve heard great things about the WH1000XM4!

For sure not, it is too bulky. But I just wanted to mention that it works.

I got experience with WH1000XM4 and WF1000XM3/XM4 (I gave the 3 to my mother, she’s happy with them). Tbh the XM3 is currently only 125 EUR instead of 280 EUR for the XM4, I would say the price difference isn’t worth the upgrade right now. For over-ear, WH1000XM4 is nice, but I am not sure if it is worth the upgrade from the predecessor either.

There’s a lot more devices which got both 3.5 mm and Bluetooth. See price comparison websites like Tweakers (Dutch) or Geizhals (German). Example.

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Do you mean the WH-1000XM3? The WF1000XM3/ seem to be earbuds. The Shure Aonic 50 seem to be of good quality as well from what I’ve read on various reviews, and they include different types of cables + a carrying case. I just bought a pair of Jabra Elite 45h though, which are extremely good value. They feel like they should cost at least twice the price.

These are wireless only though, no support for cable other than charging. Jabra Elite 45h review - SoundGuys

I have not used the WH1000XM3, I got the XM4 (both WF and WH).

What is nice is that the predecessors of the XM4 are cheaper now, while they give good value. Probably same is happening with older headphones as well. Its just that they may have some disadvantages like older Bluetooth, or maybe less good ANC.

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