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I am trying to buy your device from a third party since Fairphone doesn’t sell to the United States unfortunately. The third party seller stated that he couldn’t sell me the Speckled Green phone after I placed a bid on it a few days ago. At the time I bid on the item I thought it was in stock, otherwise why list an item up for sale? He responded that Fairphone 4 Speckled Green is out of stock until February or March of 2022. I don’t really know what to make of this statement. Is it in stock on the official site or on back order? Is Fairphone just taking preorders right now for certain products? My doubts caused me to want to verify the truth of the seller statement to make sure the seller is not trying to bait and switch me or delay my shipping of my product. He said he would sell me a green phone instead. Can someone officially tell me the status of products in stock? Would be nice if you shipped your product to outside Europe for those that know about the phone and want it to keep from getting scammed by unofficial sellers. You would probably make more money that way too.

Please let me know if it is true the Speckled Green has supply issues?

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This is a user forum so you probably won’t get an official answer here. For contacting the Fairphone company please #contactsupport .
Regarding buying speckled green FP4:
the device has already been delivered to some people. But as the device is very new there’s still a huge backlog in delivery and the global chip shortage doesn’t make it better.So February or March 2022 sound correct.
Be aware that it’s not guaranteed that the device works perfectly in US (with different frequencies) and that you won’t get support there (one of the reasons Fairphone does not deliver the device to US yet).
Having a look at

may be helpful.

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I vaguely remember that speckled green would only be available through the FP shop, as a special colour…Have not seen it listed at any reseller shop so far.

Please also see here

looking here Fairphone 4 - Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. | Fairphone shows 12 weeks delivery time for the sparcled green one …

I contacted their support almost five days ago and Fairphone support official has yet to get back to me via my email. Sad face. So if it is true that there is a shortage I will tell the seller to wait to ship and send me what I originally ordered which is the speckled green phone. I know that there might be frequency issues, but I did look at the bandwidths they support and I am gonna take a risk at least for the increased phone capacity for storage. Thanks for the reply.

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Yes I have T-Mobile too and so I’m banking on this fact for this to make it compatible. I did also order from Kickmobiles on Ebay but was shocked they would list their product on Ebay but not actually carry the product in stock. If I had known I wouldn’t have transferred money to place my order so soon thinking I would get the product before the end of the month. My old phone is running out of space and I wanted a new clean phone for backing up things. Did not know about Clove.co.uk else I might have ordered it from there. I don’t know if they still are taking orders or selling that special color.

As far as I know the speckled green is solely sold by Fairphone itself.


I finally received my order around April 9, 2022 after my initial order around November 30, 2022. I had placed my order through a third party auction site and so the speckled green wasn’t in stock at the time. But they finally got it in stock and shipped it last month.

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