Fairphone 4 stuck in Boot Loop

My Fairphone 4 is stuck in a boot-loop, restarting and showing the Fairphone logo before shutting down and repeating the process. I recently accidently dropped it in a deep puddle and had to dry it out. After I dried it, the phone was working fine until a few hours later it started restarting by itself and eventually went into this boot loop.
I’ve tried to go into recovery mode, by holding down the Volume Down button, but when I release it to try and select an option, it immediately leaves the mode and restarts again. I followed Fairphone 4’s guide and I don’t think I’m doing it wrong.
Any advice is appreciated.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

How did you dry out your FP4? There is a thread here, with some advices:

Hey Birbmess, did you manage to find a solution to your problem?

My mom just updated her FP 4 with update SP2G.B.079 and is reporting exactly the same behavior. I don’t think her phone got wet. She asked me for a solution (which is difficult to diagnose from afar). I hope, some useful advice will be posted here, so I can read it as well and maybe can help her.

My girlfriend’s phone also started bootlooping today.

I can still access the reovery menu, and it seems to imply the installed version is SP29.

I downloaded the factory image in hopes I could install it as an update from the SD card without unlocking the bootloader, but it complains about the footer being bad or something.

There’s also this video test thing in the recovery menu. When I run that it complains about a failed update, it goes into some cleaning state and eventually reboots.

I can’t tell what happened to cause this, but my girlfriend said something about a pending update that had been popping up recently.

I’d really like to be able to solve this without having to factory reset the phone, because I found out that some stuff wasn’t backed up yet…

With a locked bootloader there not much hope…

I guess the phone is hit by the bug listed here, where A/B slot change does not work properly

My FP4 is also stuck in a bootloop as of a few hours. I installed an update a few days ago. It worked fine afterwards. Today, my phone locked up when trying to unlock it. I rebooted it manually. Then I could unlock it but a few seconds afterwards it locked up when swiping down the notifications area on the homescreen. Then it rebooted itself and got stuck in a bootloop. Not sure what to do now…

I’m guessing this is a botched update, but I would really like to avoid losing all my data :see_no_evil:

I tried the OTA update zips from SD card, but to no avail. If you don’t have an unlocked bootloader there doesn’t seem much you can do.

You can try contacting support, but we ended up doing a factory reset :frowning: (which did solve the bootloop problem).

I guess your Problem is rather not related to the update as it worked properly after the update, see what happens when you start without SIM and SD card?

Just tried booting without a sim card, doesn’t make any difference.

I’m just experienceing this problem too. Triggered, I think, by inserting the cable to charge the phone. It’s happened three times this week. Doing as described above (power + volume down) for 5 seconds got me to a terminal-type-page but no further. The bottom line says “DEVICE STATE - locked”. The two other times the phone has magically started working normally again after half an hour the first time, 12 hours the next time, and now it’s stuck.
This thread is highly relevant, but noone found a solution yet?
I will contact support and update the thread if I learn anything useful…

Got something similar today. Try removing the battery for a while.

Yes, good point, but alas I have tried that already - both removing the battery and the SIM-card for a while. No change in boot loop.
Also plugged in the power cable without it being connected to power (to the wall or power bank), just to see if anything had been triggered at the connetion point. I did get a screen with an illustration of the power not being connected, perhaps the battery was running low - but the problem remained.
I did charge the phone after that. It charged, but didn’t escape the same old boot loop.

I am having this same problem. Except Im trying to do a factory reset and even that isnt working for me.

I’m having the exact same issue as you, still no fix. I need this phone to access my school work. Hihgly frustrating

So my phone restarted and now won’t boot past the first screen, occassionally making it to the blue dots and actually opening before shortly restarting again. I have taken some of the advice I’ve seen on here and rebooted the phone and even did a factory reset to no avail. I am running a stock Fairphone 4 with 5G and Andorid 11.

Did you try to take out SIM and SD cards (if there are any installed)?

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