Fairphone 4 specs OS options

Sorry - after all this advertising blabla I still do not find the tech spec…
(Why do I have to identify by google catchup to send an enquiry to support … and then a log-in required although I am only registered on the community - by google or fb haha !)

on my fb2 the OS is: The Fairphone Open edition is a pure Android experience, without the integrated Google Mobile Services (Google apps, Play store, etc.). Once you run our open source version of the software and you would like to install third party applications, there are several easy ways to do this.

is this the same for the f4 one ? - can I order it this way specifying the required OS etc ?

No. There is no Fairphone Open OS on the Fairphone 4.
However, there’s a partnership between Fairphone and the e foundation, so …

You can order the Fairphone 4 preinstalled with /e/OS at https://murena.com/.

Here’s what /e/OS is … /e/OS product description - a pro-privacy mobile operating system and cloud services.

There are other OS options, too, which you would have to install yourself, just as on the Fairphone 2 … see #oslist.


OK - thanks - I’ll check… beside fair trade blabla I relied on google free /fb free and so on…
seems to get much more difficult than I thought :frowning:
Perhaps I’ll keep my Fp 2 for a while longer - I am too old of age to cope with all these tech questions …
(don’t get my printer installed on Ubuntu Mate, problems with installing Friendica and so on and so on…)
my rest of life is just too short for all this mess :wink:

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in the vicinity (<- see #angelsmap), you could ask them whether they would be able to help in person with the respective endeavour.

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You can also order a FP4 with preinstalled iodéOS: Fairphone 4 - iodé

Don’t see what’s difficult here. Just order from iodéOS or Murena and use the Google free phone…


Murena is storing on CLOUDS ? the other OS, too ?
comment of our IT commentator and satirist:
I’ve been getting headaches lately from how obviously stupid people are. If these would be at least errors on a level, where one can argue something. But no!

My current end-boss in terms of obviously stupid IT homeopathy is cloud encryption.

OK, quick thought experiment. You go on vacation and ask your neighbor to water your plants. In return, you give him the key.

Hopefully you realize right away, and without me having to explain it in any way, that the neighbor can come into your apartment and do things from then on. Getting the key back does not help, because he may have made a duplicate key.

Once you give away the key, only lock swapping helps.

But what do the cloud people do now? They have the problem that your software runs on their hardware, and software cannot protect itself against attackers with physical access to the hardware. In principle, no. Not “we don’t know how.” Yes, we do. We can’t.

Software is a list of things. You give it to the hardware, and the hardware executes it. If someone else controls the hardware, they control your software.

There’s no way around that. That’s why DRM keeps getting cracked, and that’s why Intel and ARM are waging a war against their customers, gradually taking more and more of the control of the hardware away from them.

So what are the cloud folks doing? They’re diluting water! Hey, we put a button here. “Enable encryption.” That’s kind of like the “Activate Shields” button on the set of Star Trek. It doesn’t do anything and everybody knows it. There’s no shield. We’re all just pretending.

Whereas with Star Trek at least we’re entertained, with the cloud it’s just a rip-off. If the cloud encrypts, then the cloud has the key. You can use it to encrypt and decrypt. As long as the cloud provider has ever seen the key, even briefly, that is no protection against the cloud provider, and that is exactly what is being sold.

OK Fefe, this may not help against the evil admin at the cloud provider, but it does help against the Chinese hacker who hacks the cloud? No, it doesn’t, because the cloud decrypts it for you. If he can log in as you, or give you an SQL injection or whatever, then he has full access, just like without encryption.

OK, but does that at least help against the cleaning help from the Iranian secret service, who steals the tape with the backup? Yes, if the key is not on the tape, which is shockingly often the case. But we are not talking about tapes but about S3 buckets right now. They’re attached to the web. Why would anyone want old backups when they can get real-time access?
and so on …
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Murena cloud is an option. You don’t have to use it.
IodéOS doesn’t provide cloud storage at all (afaik).


Precisely, it’s as simple as that, almost a no-brainer.
Read the text, respect the order of each letter and - you easily got it understood.
I don’t know where some people gather the false information that using Murena//e/ OS cloud service is “mandatory” and activated by default…

Thanks for the correct statement. Maybe make it a sticky post…

And btw. my FP2 turns 7 years in a few days :ok_hand:


As you quote fefe at length, I’ll just remind you that he prides himself to try to teach media competence and reading with comprehension to his audience.

You’ll figure out a modus operandi for your future smartphoning somehow. Have fun.


OK - thanks to all of you for the hints and clarifications. :slight_smile:

haven’t used ubuntu so much, but usually you just search for your printer in the package manager and install the driver. than in cups you can add it, localhost:631
i don’t remember, but on arch it went basically automatic after i installed the driver.
if you get stuck with ubuntu stuff, their help stuff is really bad, check out the arch wiki instead, diffent package names but all the info still works for all distros. on duckduckgo just type !arch cups :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t give up that early. More than half a year ago, I bought another phone model with /e/OS from Murena for my mother, who is not at all tech-savy, and all works well. She’s not a demanding user of the phone, but even apps like AnyDesk (to let me troubleshoot her questions from 500kms away) work without issues.

I definitely consider buying FP4+/e/ from Murena when support for my FP2+FPOOS runs out (this year).

Danke & Grüße von


thanks to davidzx - I’ll try arch cups … tried everything else and my printer sits there idle for over a year now :frowning:
and thanks to nobi
my old FP2 is falling into pieces anyway (screen, camera, microphone…) … let it fall down too many times I guess :wink: … only some things got repaired with this fix-it turnscrew … I’ll see if I give it a try :slight_smile:

@virtualnobi means to avoid any software issues installing Murena it is better to buy it directly from