Fairphone 4 spareparts

Following Fairphone 4 new spareparts are for sale.

Battery, USB-C port, screwdriver.

I would be interested in purchasing all three.
Since i live in Canada its hard for me to get parts

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I will buy a battery. Please post a link to ebay to my pm

Hi Atlantian,

Oké, how much do you offer for all 3 items? Shipping costs are about €12,50 to Canada.
I send it from the Netherlands.


Marco Please note you probably won’t be allowed to send a battery from the EU to North America or anywhere.

If you decide not to declare it and it’s picked in Canada it will be disposed off and you may get at least a warning.

Hi Amoun,

Well Fairphone did send it within the Netherlands by mail post, so it’s allowed within the Netherlands to send it?


Fairphone can send overseas to, they have a licences and special packaging, which is also a requirement with national posts to . . . I’m pretty sure . . . It is not permitted to post them between users in the UK

Following information for selling a battery:

On the official Fairphone Webstore it stated as in the screenshot below

So within these countries apparently it’s possible to ship a battery, so does the original Fairphone store.

Yes that’s Fairphone not a private individual

Batteries, specifically new and used lithium batteries when not sent with or connected to an electronic device (including power banks)

International - Not allowed in the mail
UK - Not allowed in the mail

Oh well not even in the Netherlands?

It seems the battery has to be picked up somewhere close to where I live, no shipment possible for the battery!


Can you put on ebay?

Is that just for easy payment ? You would still have to pick it up etc.

The new spareparts can be picked up for free, for the one that can really use it.

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Ya ok, after reading this I’m probably not going to be able to get it shipped to me, so you can give it to someone else

Hi Atlantian,

I can still ship the USB-C port and the screwdriver to Canada. Shipment costs are €12,50 with track & trace and I have to buy an envelope to put it in. So let me know …


The other things were a good bonus but I was mostly looking for the battery, thanks anyways