Fairphone 4 scrolling lacks smoothness

Hi there,

Just got my fairphone 4 today, I’ve played a lot with it along the day and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of smoothness in animations.

It’s not stuttering, it’s more a matter of scrolling missing frames or something like that.
Phone reacts fast on touch, but every animation seem slightly laggy.

I’ve made all the updates as well as a factory reset without any improvement. I really hope it’s an issue due to the device’s youth and can be fixed through software update because for now it feels like a massive downgrade.

Where is the scrolling happening that you are talking about? Browser?

App drawer, settings, pretty much everywhere. It’s not a flagrant lag, it’s more a framedrop impression, but still noticable.

Which Smartphone did you use before? Did it possibly have a higher refresh rate, than 60Hz?

That’s what I thought first because I do Indeed come from a zenfone 8 set to 90hz, but then I played with my wife’s pixel 4a which specs are close to fp4 and it was smooth as well.

Yes I was wondering as I see no issues with the FP3 but don’t know what the refresh rate is though I can’t imagine the FP4 would be lower

My experience is that FP4 smoothness is quite variable depending on how many apps I have open and what I am doing with them. So I have experienced occasional laggy behaviour, but not generally.

And to be honest: I didn’t expect a fairphone to behave a high end device that is always fast and smooth.

Is it possible to check if it is a load on the RAM or CPU load?

For sure I didn’t expect high end feeling, but at least something close to quality mid-range device such as the Google Pixel 4a. But then again it could simply be the fault of bad system optimisation, future updates will tell I guess.

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My Fairphone is as smooth as my Pixel 3. A bit smoother actually, probably because it has 2x the RAM. Hope you find the cause and a solution.

Disable that oltions and try again

I have that enabled as well.

Yeah, tried it, removing the animation is masking the issue on level of animations, which is not solving the real problem. Scrolling still feels sluggish somehow.

Funny you say you have this problem. I just switched over from my 6-year-old HTC 10 and the Fairphone feels like butter to me. :innocent:

At least replacing the battery will be as smooth. I had to get under the entire circuit board to replace it in the HTC and well, never again haha…

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Haha you’ve jumped such a gap in terms of device specs !
Well the more I think about it, the more I tend to think I’m biased by my older device… maybe it’s the downgrade from 90hz to 60hz… I don’t know…

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