Fairphone 4 screen turns on inside my pants pocket

Every time I put my FairPhone 4 in pants pocket. It is somehow is turn on the screen. And I did turn off before put inside my pants pocket.

Not sure I understand the question? Do you touch the fingerprint reader when this happens

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Do you use a protective case on your FP4?

I just did a fix on my fairphone 4 (unrelated), when I turned it back on the phone offered me a setting to ‘unlock when on me’ so the phone may have a setting to detect when it’s on you and unlock…? Seemed counterintuitive to me but maybe others know?

I believe the feature you’re talking of is Android’s Smart-Lock. This doesn’t turn on your screen, but is simply a conditional way to decide when to automatically lock your phone (with a password, fingerprint, etc), and when to leave it unlocked so that it can be turned on with a simple press of the powerbutton and no further authentication. The idea is to keep the phone unlocked even when the screen is off, as long as you keep it on your person, but to require authentication once its placed somewhere where someone else could’ve picked it up.
I don’t think this function is in any way related to the issue described by erickonix.

I think I know what you’re talking about. You lock the screen and leave the phone be. Then a notification comes that turns on the screen into the partially awake state with black background. When you touch the screen, it will turn into the normal unlock screen, or even to the main screen in case smart lock decides unlocking is not necessary.

So far, so good. What is wrong, however, is that if the phone is in your pocket, the same happens, with your pocket touching the screen, which is obviously unintended.

These two cases can be clearly distinguished by the proximity sensor. In case it says NEAR, I think the screen should not turn on at all. Or at least not the touch layer. But it does.

I reported this as a bug to support. They replied that this is standard Android behavior and thus they won’t fix it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other Android device to compare, so I can’t counter their claim. But it seems to so obvoius that I’d really wonder if it were the intended behavior.


Maybe @anon64862762 as we currently collect log cats for the proximity sensor issue in sunlight @peci1 could collect some and provide for this as well?

This has nothing to do with sunlight. The proximity sensor works correctly in the pocket (I think). It’s the reaction of the OS that’s unexpected.

Yes sure this has nothing to do with sunlight still I read you suspect it has something to do with the sensor, and that was the connection, not the sunlight

They replied that this is standard Android behavior

That’s because we were able to reproduce the behavior on a Pixel. That doesn’t mean that we are happy with anything as long as it happens on a Pixel. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. If it’s reasonable to expect a fix from upstream (Google), we’re more likely to focus our resources elsewhere.


Thanks for dropping in!

I understand the decision FP has made, though I’m not happy with it :slight_smile: Do you have any idea whether Google knows about this problem? Can I help reporting it somewhere? Does it also behave like this on A13?

I don’t have A13 on my Fairphone 4 so I can’t say for sure. Most likely yes because The Fairphone 5 with A13 does behave like this.

Looking at this thread, I think it’s time to revisit the topic. I’ll submit a feature request for something like “pocket protection”. Can’t promise anything in terms of timeline though.


No, I did not press the finger reader bottom.

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