Fairphone 4 screen suddenly and irregularly turns black but not completely off

I see this for several months already with my Fairphone 4. In the middle of working with the phone, reading, swiping, touching on the screen, the screen suddenly turns black. It does not turn completely off like when I press the power button but it looks like the whole screen turns to show the color black. I can “fix” this by pressing the power button, so turning the screen really off, and then turn it on again. Then everything is OK again. Until it repeats. Some minutes later, some hours later, or a day later. Completely without any noticeable scheme. Any idea? Thanks!

Did you try to unassembled and reassemble the display (and cleaning contacts is always a good idea)?

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I’ve had a similar experience with FP3s, and have little confidence it is the same issue but will detail it a bit. I had the same solution and that is what prompts me.

So I’m thinking you have the default A11 OS.

What was happening in my case as the screen would go ‘black’ randomly but I eventually put it down to the adaptive brightness not acting as I would expect in that some times in bright light it would go dark when the change was huge ~ like I had the screen on when I put it in my pocket and then pulled it out within a second or two in bright light.

I sometimes managed to find a dark place and noticed that there was a very faint screen visual and could pull down the notification bar and adjust the screen brightness. But this difficult outside in bright light and I had to turn on and off.

This issue has been on and off with many updates on the FP3 A10 and A11. Even now there is a problem in the bright day that if the brightness goes to the lowest setting I can not see to increase it. I’ve reported this to the beta team as an issue.

So I’m not saying you have a similar problem but it’s worth checking by taking to a really dark place.

However as you say the screen is dark and not off, it could just be a poor data to display connection that can be somehow realigned when you press the physical power button as maybe @Volker has intimated.

All the best

Thanks for your input! I tried it out, but when my screen goes black, it “shines black” in the dark, but I cannot move down the notification bar or anything. So its something else in my case.

Well that was my problem, I couldn’t move the notification bar, as far as I could tell as the brightness was nigh on zero :frowning:

I tried this and hoped, but the issue just occured again. So no solution there.

The screen “shining black” simply shows nothing. I tried to make screenshots using the lower volume and power button pressed together and this works! So it must be some problem with the display itself or the data connection to it… Already disassembled unattached/reattached the display but this did not help also.


Looks like a case for official Fairphone support, which may require sending the phone ‘back’ either way it will require a reset so any personal data may be lost.


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Thanks, ticket already opened! :slight_smile:

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