Fairphone 4 running Calyx OS - Messaging app - I've lost the ability to add emoji to messages

I bought my Fairphone 4 last year and immediately installed Calyx OS. I’ve been using the Messaging app through Calyx OS successfully until about 2 weeks ago, when I lost the ability to add emoji to messages.

I can receive messages with emoji.

Next to the box in which I type the text of a message there is now no longer a smiley face, but instead a paperclip which would allow me to take and attach a photo, attach a photo from gallery, add a voice message (icon with microphone) or add a contact. When I start typing with the keyboard, the keyboard options don’t include a logo for selecting emoji.

I can still add emoji to Telegram messages, but not to ordinary SMS in the Messaging app.

I’m not sure what I’ve done to remove the ability to add emoji - maybe some sort of fat fingered accidental clumsiness has switched off the setting and instead included the paperclip which I don’t want. I can’t see in the “Settings” menu for the app on my phone any option relating to emoji.

Grateful for any suggestions as to how to recover the ability to use emoji in SMS :slight_smile:

That should depend on the keyboard. Dont know which one comes with CalyxOS with Openboard I just have to long press the enter key to show clipboard and smiley

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