Fairphone 4 replacement battery

Good day,

I wanted to ask why there is currently no replacement battery available to order?

My dealer says that replacement batteries are no longer being produced.

The Fairphone 4 has been available since September 2021 and now after 2 years there is no longer a replacement battery?

I find it very bad that no more batteries are produced.

As soon as the Fairphone 5 is released, there is no longer a replacement battery for the Fairphone 4.

If that’s true, that’s not exactly sustainable. We haven’t been able to sell any batteries for two years now.

thanks for your answer.


Hi and welcome, please note the forum is a user forum, so we cant really tell you when the battery will be back in stock. I’m 100% sure your dealer is wrong and the battery is not sold out forever.


At the moment there no batteries on stock.
In the Fairphone shop you can leave your email address. Fairphone will sent you an email when the batteries are back on stock.


Thank you for your answers.

I wrote an email to Fairphone and have not yet received a response. I wrote an email to the ifixit store and they confirmed that they no longer produce batteries.

There are still batteries available on Amazon and eBay but for twice the price. I hope that batteries will be available soon. I hope what others say isn’t true.

Otherwise it would really be my last Fairphone.

As ifixit as not Fairphone…

@anna_jopp thats bad rumor, maybe you want to clarify this

When selling the refurbished FP4, Fairphone has committed to be selling parts five years after they stopped selling the phone, which is not the case yet.
I guess the battery must be included in this promise so it seems like a temporary hiccup.

EDIT. when finally managed to check it on the website, it says aimimg for four years, sorry for the mistake. Still, it does not in my opinion change much, I expect the battery to be back in stock

How long will spare parts be available for?
We aim to be able to provide spare parts for 4 years after the last device was sold.


I seem to recall Fairphone mentioning they don’t continuously produce all parts, instead ordering large bulk amounts of some parts when they get low. This could be one of those situations where they ran out before the factory delivered their new stock.


And I guess they used up the stock for the batch of refurbished FP4 just released.

BTW: The battery for the FP3 from 2019 is still on shelf:

so no hint they will not produce any spare parts for the older phones.


Hi Robert, thank you for your message. @NGnius is right: While it is true that the Fairphone 4 batteries are temporarily out of stock, there is a new batch on the way to our warehouse and they will come back in stock in the Fairphone webshop next week (week 51) already. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your patience. :battery:


Thank you for your helpful answer. So everything is clarified.


If anyone needs a new FP4 battery immediately, Vireo is an option.


Happy Christmas everybody! With UK leaving the EU can batteries still be sent to the UK? I’m thinking of getting a spare for my FP4. I’m in N. Ireland so I can always get one sent to my relations in the south where it’s still the EU! :wink:

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