Fairphone 4 Replacement Battery United States

I purchased a GSM Unlocked Fairphone 4 on ebay, but then realized that I can’t find anyway to order a replacement battery in the United States.

Obviously I won’t need a battery immediately, but this is leaving me a little concerned. Not even the Fairphone 3 battery seems to be available in the United States.

This appears to be a dream phone for me, but if replacement parts aren’t available to me in the next 5 years I’ll be out of luck.

People have had the Fairphone in the states with plenty of success, but if we can’t replace parts they’ll end up in the landfill anyway.

The phone looks amazing from specs/repair and even the ability to install linux OS’s onto the phone.

I’ve been stuck on the LG V20 for almost a decade because of the dire situation of companies incapable of making a good phone.

I hope Fairphone will role out replacement parts in the states when they finally release new phones in the states.

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I take it you are already aware that Fairphone does not sell beyond Europe and Taiwan. Anyway, while it might not provide you with a battery right away, you might want to get in touch with other Fairphone owners in the USA:

The more say hello there, the bigger the odds that sooner or later some improvised solution might materialize (e.g. using overseas travels to get some spares).

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Thanks for the link

Partial solution here that I found from inside your forums link

Worldwide Stock

Out of stock, but technically a listing available to people outside of Europe.

Hope they fix longer term.

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