Fairphone 4 registration: IMEI not correct

Hi community!

Yesterday my “brand new” Fairphone 4 New Life Edition arrived and I tried registering it in order to obtain the extended warranty on the respective website following the given instructions closely (dial *#06#, enter shown 15-digit IMEI 1 into the form). I bought the phone directly from the Fairphone website, so no third-party seller involved.

When I click on “Next”, however, I’m always presented with the error “The IMEI in not correct. Please check and try again”. This behavior is the same when I try registering IMEI 2 and also when trying it in the My Fairphone app on the phone itself.

I already used the search function in the community forum and only found a few older posts stating nearly the same issue but with no solution. I already tried to contact the support, of course, but they said it would take a while until they can help me.

So I thought maybe there is an easy solution or some issue that I don’t know about.

Would be great to get some advice!

Thanks and best regards,

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I guess this can only be solved by Fairphone and as you contacted them, just wait for them to sort that out

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Sorry, @ldnier89. This is a technical issue in our backend. The IMEI you have is correct. Our database has the wrong IMEI.

Unfortunately, this can be the case for several refurbished Fairphone 4 devices. We are working on a fix.

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Hey @jftr , thanks for the info! Any news on the progress?

Hello, I have the same issue with my Fairphone 4 New Life Edition

As mentioned above it’s probably best to contact Fairphone through their support channel (contactsupport ).

@Volker that’s what I did in parallel but they didn’t tell me anything helpful, not even that there’s a problem with their backend - an information I only got here in forum. I also think the community has a right to know about the issue and that it’s still not resolved.


Hi @ldnier89,

My name is Andrea, I’m one of the developers working on our back-end services.

I am sorry for the issue you are experiencing with your New Life edition Fairphone. For some devices, we are still having issues on our server. We are still working on a fix, that we want to release as soon as possible. We are aiming at next week, but please do not take it as a promise.
Could you send me your ticket number as a private message? I’ll care to keep you posted on the progress.



Hello @Andrea_hdea

I also open a ticket for the same issue. Should I send you my ticket number as private message too ?


Hello @KsmoinO,

Sure, no problem!


Done. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hey @Andrea_hdea , your help is much appreciated, but unfortunately I’m not able to figure out how to send you a private message. I don’t mind posting my ticket number publicly though: 1106975

No problem, @ldnier89!

@Andrea_hdea now that I provided you with my support ticket number: are there any news on the issue? By next week it will be approximately two months without a solution, which - to put it bluntly - doesn’t give me confidence in my purchase of an FP4. I’m sorry that I had to put it that way and I don’t want to come across rude, but the product is not exactly cheap and one of the main reasons for buying it was the extended warranty - Which is imho an important feature for sustainable electronic products and now I’m still not able to register my phone for this feature.

@Andrea_hdea another week without an answer, so I’m asking again: is there an news on the issue? I even posted my support ticket number publicly but now nothing seems to happen unfortunately. But obviously I have to ask here in the forum as support doesn’t bother giving me any useful information on my ticket’s status.

Hi @ldnier89 (and @KsmoinO, and all the other affected customers),

My apologies for not updating you yet. I am still working on fully supporting New Life devices in our back-end system, and we understand your disappointment.

This has no effect on the quality of the product you purchased: stay assured you will get recognition for the extended warranty.

Completing this feature is one of the tasks with the highest priority for my team.

Thank you again for your support.


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As customer support in the meantime seems to refuse answering to my ongoing requests, I obviously have to ask about the status of this issue here again. Are there any news? It’s been four (!) months without any substantial information other than “Don’t worry, we are working on it.”

Registering the extended warranty is now possible for all the devices, you can now head to the warranty registration page on our website.

Thank you all for your patience!

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Seems good for me.

Thank you :wink: