Fairphone 4 Protective Case is lose

Hi everyone.
When I got my FP4 I also bought a protective case (Fairphone 4 Protective Soft Case - Accessory | Fairphone).
It’s green (unfortunately, FP does not offer a “speckled green” one…) and it fits… kinda…
This issue is that I don’t find it to be very “snug” to the body of the phone; certainly, not as much as other 1st and 3rd party cases I had for previous phones from other brands. TBH, it almost seems that it will not protect the phone if it drops on a solid floor, although it is quite “chunky”!
Is this the same experience for everyone, or did I just got a “bad sample” and everyone else is happy with her/his protective case?

Hmm, I mean the Fairphone in itself is a bit chunkier than some other phones - I don’t think that’s the case’s fault.

As for the tight fit - I for one have never perceived it to be particularly wobbly or at risk of falling off in case of a phone-drop, and I have used mine for over a year now. Until now most damage could be avoided as well. (Except for a little crack at the corner of my screen’s privacy-protector. But the Screen itself is unaffected.)

That being said I do not have earlier Fairphone cases for comparison. So maybe some other people can chime in and potentially contradict me. :person_shrugging:

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Same for me. The official FP4 case seems to be slightly too long. The phone wobbles inside the case and there is a visible gap of about half a millimeter top or bottom. The phone also snaps right off the top corners of the case on occasions. Even happens inside a bag or backpack. I fathom, if it drops to the floor with the screen first, the phone will outright fall out of the case and hit the floor directly.


There were quite similar reports of some users about the FP3 case. Mine fits the phone still perfectly. The loose ones were exchanged by Fairphone support on warranty.

So contacting support would be a good move I guess.

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I have the same issues. Even more so, the case does a pretty bad job at protecting the screen. Of course i’ve put screen protectors on, but i’m already on my fourth screenprotector.
With my previous phones i was used to using third party hardcover cases with a screenprotector, i could drop it in the middle of the street and nothing would happen.
Anyone know if there is any chance FP would be willing to open up this section of development for others?

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

The development is completely open, but most manufacturers are just not willing to make a case, because it won‘t be profitable.

I also have this case:


which is hard plastic and extremely snug. Bought it because the official one was too loose. But this one actually is too snug for my taste, it is very hard to get the phone out again, what I like to do when the phone runs hot on more demandong apps.

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Thanks for the tip! When I first bought the FP4, I was looking for 3rd party cases on Amazon, but couldn’t find anything; that one looks interesting, and it’s even made with recycled materials, which is a must, of course!

Yeah the official case is pretty bad.

I ended up buying a very snug-fitting soft one from ebay, and it works much better. Already saved my phone on two falls.

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