Fairphone 4 OTA images or system update zip


I am trying to build a ROM for this phone and wanted to get a OTA file so I could flash it back to stock if anything goes wrong. Anyone know where I could find that? Failing that being available, dose anyone know where the update zips are hosted, I should be able to pull the files from there.

Harley Godfrey


Hi and welcome :slight_smile: I imagine you haven’t searchef the forum then !

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I mean yeah, but that is why I was asking. Someone might know the download URL for an update zip… or the OTA file… there were no posts about it spesificly…

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It wouldn’t warrant another topic, me thinks, as there are many associated with wanting it and at least one of them would be updated the moment someone here found it.

So just search frequently and you will find.

However making a personal request to be updated does mean you will get a notificstion.

Mind you you would be notified of updates to oyher topics you had read. Maybe you don’t want to spend so much time checking the related and relevant posts.

So hopefully you will be notified when someone finds it, unless you do first

Ok, managed to pull like 90% of the binary blobs, just need to figure out something with the raidio/SOC files (which are probs importants lol)


Is this what you want?


You can find the latest FP3 image here: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048050332-FP3-Install-Fairphone-OS-offline

And I guess there’s an archive of the oldest ones somewhere, tol

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Those are FP3 files, and in this topic we are speaking about FP4, or I miss something? :thinking:


The FP4 stock image ROM is now available :slight_smile:

The OTA update, they released today, is not the one you can use for offline installation. It’s still the old one from january: FP4.FP3R.A.099.20220112_factory

Today, a few minutes ago, the released just a new OTA.

Not sure since when, but this page should contain the link to the factory image:

That is what you were looking for, isn’t it?

OTA version: FP4.FP3S.A.103.20220221
→ Released today, but build in February. More then a week old.

Offline Version: FP4.FP3R.A.099.20220112_factory.zip
→ January

And those are two different things!
The factory offline image is not just an OTA. There is more to it

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Maybe it was thoroughly tested before being rolled out :upside_down_face:

My device is rooted and bootloader is unlocked. What’s the best way to update the device? I am on the 099 bootloader.

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