Fairphone 4 not charging

Hi! I have recently (December 2022) bought a new Fairphone 4, and yesterday it stopped charging. It was low on batter yesterday evening, so I charged it at the bar I was and everything worked fine, but when I plugged it in tonight it was not charging anymore. I thought it was an issue of the charger, so I went to get a new one , but no luck with it either. At that point I was very low on battery, so the phone turned off before I could do any tests. Now it’s off, I tried multiple chargers with no luck, even after cleaning up the usb-c port.
Do you have any ideas on what it could be?

Hi and welcome did you also try different cable? And just in general: now that the battery is compemtly empty let it charge at least 30 Minutes before you try to turn it on.


Thank you for the answer, I will try leaving it plugged in for more time!
I have tried multiple cables but I left it plugged for less than 2 minutes, so I will try again.

Let it charge for hours, overnight may be ‘good’

You don’t have to turn the phone on to see if it has charged, just a short press on the power button should give an update of the charge.

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It appears I mostly panicked, it was enough to leave it charging overnight and the issue was solved.
Thank you for the help!


When the battery is very low 1% etc. it charges at a very slow rate as the battery is very sensitive in such a state, so you can imagine the setup for 0% :slight_smile:

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