Fairphone 4 not booting after installing CalyxOS

God day fellow Fairphone users.
Recently I purchased a Fairphone 4 (Black, 128G), I followed the instructions on the CalyxOS website and the FP instructions on how to unlock the bootloader. The exact steps I took were:

  1. Follow the Fairphone setup and install latest update.
  2. Allow OEM unlocking using the code obtand enable USB debugging.
  3. Ran “fastboot flashing unlock” and “fastboot flashing unlock_critical”.
  4. Ran CalyxOS’s “./flash-all.sh”.
  5. Booted into CalyxOS, followed the setup and re-enabled USB debugging.
  6. Ran “fastboot flashing lock”
    After re-locking the bootloader I was no longer able to boot into CalyxOS and the phone would only display the “FAIRPHONE” splash screen and reboot. It never went further than that.
    USB debugging is still enable, so I can see the phone under “fastboot” devices, and I can boot into the bootloader and into the recovery menu.
    The phone does not show up in ADB. I fear this issue may be due to Google’s ant-rollback protection.
    The main article I followed is

I have already contacted support, but have yet to receive an answer. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Is there any known fix?
Thank you in advance!

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