Fairphone 4 - Nextcloud Talk Android app notifications not showing up

I have created an issue on the Nextcloud Talk Android Github repository here: Notifications not showing up in Fairphone 4 · Issue #3143 · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub

Basically the problem is that the app Nextcloud Talk in Android 12 is not showing notification on my Fairphone 4.
This is also a problem I had before on my Fairphone 2. It got resolved after several months after a Fairphone Android update I did.

But so far with my Fairphone 4 I did not get any update that fixed this issue.

Nextcloud Talk Android app have no idea where the problem is coming from.
If someone has an idea, and more importantly if some Fairphone software support people are available to track down what could be the origin of this issue, that would of great help to find out what’s going on.

Thank you very much in advance for your help and feedbacks!

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Greetings eebafups and welcome to the community forum.

You’ll need to create a ticket with official Fairphone Support to get the ball rolling, so they know about the problem. See contactsupport
This forum is for the community and FP staff cannot be guaranteed to read it.

Make sure you indicate your current OS build number (and here in this thread too). Find it by going to Settings > About phone > Build number.
If you can remember which update led to the notifications no longer happening I expect that would help too.
[Edit - from the GitHub thread you’re on FP4.SP29.B.069.20230510]

P.S. - Make sure you didn’t disable any Android / Google services or, if you did, please list which ones you disabled.


I also don’t get notifications. But I installed it from f-droid.

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Thanks for the advice ! I’ll do that.

Yes my current OS build is FP4.SP29.B.069.20230510

I think this is partially irrelevant: notifications from all the other apps I have installed on my Fairphone 4 are showing up properly, without any trouble. A user shouldn’t keep all Google services on if he just wish to get his apps to work correctly.
This being said, it is true that there are known parameters that, when set, can avoid Nextcloud Talk from displaying notifications. Here is the list: talk-android/docs/notifications.md at master · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub
In my case, all parameters are set properly to allow notifications to show up.

Since notifications are not working only for Nextcloud Talk, I guess the problem is coming from the app itself.
But I would like to draw the community attention onto this. Hopefully this can lead to a solution :slight_smile: !

Yes, thank you for bringing this point : Notifications don’t work when installing Nextcloud Talk from F-droid.
As far as I am concerned, I installed Nextcloud Talk from the Google Play store. So in my specific case that’s not the problem, but this information is definitely useful for users to know!

Installed Talk from F-Droid, usingeOS, A12. Don’t have notification. My wife, with an older version from the same repository, and an Honor 9 lite stock OS, has notification.
I ask @eebafups to let us now the support answer. And thanks in advance.

I just tried to uninstall F-Droid version and download a version from Up to Down web page.
At the beginning, the app ask for Push notification to enable. Now I can get notification, so I think the problem is not related to FP4.
Maybe you have denied Push notification at the first time, @eebafups?

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