Fairphone 4, manual installation doesn't work, git-bash.exe file missing?

I have a Fairphone 4, with the /e/ operating system installed and would like to install the stock Android 12 operating system. I am using the ZIP file “FP4_FP4-SP21-factory.zip” from Fairphone. Unfortunately, I get an error message when I try to execute the file flash_fp4_factory.bat.
“start bin-msys\git-bash.exe -c “./flash_fp4_factory.command”.
The file “bin-msys\git-bash.exe” cannot be found.”

I suspect that something is wrong either with this file, or that certain files are missing from the download, because this git-bash.exe is not to be found there, but it is in the installation file of Android 11.
Does anyone know about this and can tell me if I am right with my assumption?
I also wonder if I could simply use the missing files from the bin-msys folder of the Android 11 ZIP file?

Thanks for your help

Hi Pferdli and welcome to our community forum :slight_smile:

Your question relates to tools published by Fairphone on their official support website:

Even if some of us have experience using such tools, I would advise you to contact official support for any questions relating directly to their publications.

How to > #contactsupport