Fairphone 4 keeps on connecting via bluetooth to android auto

Fairphone 4 keeps on connecting to android auto via bluetooth even when bluetooth and bluetooth scanning is switched of.

I have a 2017 Chevy with this feature. It tends to be a safety feature that it will auto connect to the car when it starts. Even if I’m not in the car itself. Its to prevent Hands on phone while driving to avoid texting and driving. I usually have to wait the car leaves the driveway to connect it to headphones to listen to music again. Yes it’s annoying to have it auto connect. Is this the problem you’re having with android auto? Normally just turn off Bluetooth and wait for the car to leave. Just asking if this is the issue you’re having with yours.

The issue is related, but it is a little different. The problem is when i am in the car and I don’t want it to connect to android auto. I turned of bluetooth and i turned of bluetooth scanning, but even than the phone turns on bluetooth and still tries to connect to android auto.

Do you have by the rare chance car internet? By the way it connects via Bluetooth might be the reason or you need to turn off a setting in the car stereo to allow via wifi instead. I don’t use that feature at all. But I’ve heard that could be the case.

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