Fairphone 4 is great for adhd

I am new here so please kind.
I have dealt with customer complaints for an insurance company and i like to see the bright side rather than the ugly one.
I have recently learned that i suffer from ADHD (tendency to heavy mind racing to sum up).
I rent a FP4 with e/os for its simplicity.
I like:
App lounge, sometime buggy, very usefull if you have a tendency to ultra compare every apk. The fact that it already gives a way to compare apps helps me a lot.
Pocket plan, simple and beautiful task and shopping list manager WITH no fuss and disturbing reminders.
Tutanota mail, secure and clear mail apk very well maintained and with a simple calendar one (i do not like the murena one).
Diaro, to note wandering ideas photos on a clear interface.
Jardin Mental (french) for tcc therapy support.
Here we go for gps navigation (magic hearth is to buggy and Osmand ugly.
And, to conclude, Productivity Launcher, as Bliss leaves me completely lost as my adhd brain is too confused by colors and lack of apk hierarchy.
Do not hesitate to requalify this topic. I would love to know what other adhd fairphone users chose. Bonne journée.


Welcome to the community :wave:

Not (yet) officially diagnosed, but I can relate. Here are some tools I couldn’t function without:

  • TimeLimit (Google Play | F-Droid) to set limits / cooldown times for apps I get lost in
  • p!n (F-Droid), quick settings tile to pin something to the notification area, because attention span
  • Logseq (Website | IzzyOnDroid) to dump any information in to be searchable later (especially on PC)
  • Loop Habit Tracker (Google Play | F-Droid) to check off stuff I tend to forget
  • Tasks.org (Google Play | F-Droid) for general task management
  • Shopping List (F-Droid) as a no-nonsense, well, shopping list
  • SeriesGuide (Google Play | IzzyOnDroid) to keep track of shows and movies
  • Organic Maps (Google Play | F-Droid) for simple map usage / those times OSMAnd is too much
  • AdAway (F-Droid) and uBlock Origin (Website), because ads are extremely distracting

In addition to that I have disabled notifications for almost everything, or switched the notifications to silent (so they don’t pop up on the screen) for apps where I need them.
No notification sound, just vibrate for conversations with a select few important people.
Call sound always loud though, so people can reach me in emergencies.

Edit: Kind of ironic that I spent over half an hour compiling this list instead of doing the stuff I’m supposed to, those tools might not be that useful after all :smile:


Thank you Hirnsushi!

I will try these right away.

Have a nice day

7 mars 2023, 12:29 de forum@fairphone.com:

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