Fairphone 4 gone glitchy. Was it the latest update?

My FP4 seems to have developed a bunch of glitches lately. The keyboard doesn’t appear when I open a typing field and I have to restart it, the three control buttons at the bottom of the screen disappear, and this morning the snooze and stop buttons for my alarm wouldn’t work. It’s nothing earth shattering but pretty annoying. The only thing I can think of is the system update a few days ago has done something. Anyone else had this problem?

I also experienced a annoying detail. When charging my FP4 the screen becomes very sensitive, repeating the letters, almost impossible to type anything.
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Hi both, could you please add to what update exactly you are referring to? Updates might come at different points for different provider, so just avoid misunderstanding.

Have your done a reboot since then? Maybe Start in safe mode to see if its an APP #dic:safemode

I experienced the same independent of the last two updates (A.099 and A.098). It has happened from time to time from the beginning on but I don’t find it overly annoying so I didn’t bother too much.

This is likely related to the charger. I have not seen the problem on the FP4 myself so far, but it was quite common on the FP2 and totally depended on the charger used. Have you tried a different one? Does the problem now happen on one that worked before?
In my case with the FP2 it seemed that the original display was very sensitive to those different chargers. After swapping it for a new one (unrelated reason), the problem stopped.


Ich habe am Wochenende auch ein Update erhalten (FP4), seitdem habe ich keine Klingeltöne mehr zum auswählen und der eingestellte ist futsch. Schon mehrfach neu gestartet, ganz runtergefahren und frisch geladen…

Great thanks. Solved :blush:

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It was an update for the camera and fingerprint sensor. I don’t know the number offhand but I cam check later. Whatever it was seems to have sorted itself out for now anyway. Since I couldn’t snooze or switch off the alarm at 0500 (an unpleasant way to wake up😅) I’ve had no problems since. For the two days before I was having to restart constantly, so maybe it was just a weird episode…

I think (not sure, though) they changed the way snoozing/dismissing alarms works in the A.99 update. My feeling is that now I have to slide the other way round than I used to before the update. However, you have to slide from the middle to one of the edges to snooze/dismiss the alarm. Are you doing that?

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