Fairphone 4 for sale [128GB 6GB]


I have a Fairphone 4 for sale in really good condition about 9 months old. It is a 128GB 6GB device in gray.

The asking price is: € 400 + shipping costs (from Germany).

A 3D case is also included.

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hi and welcome, its customary to post a picture of the device turned on and showing todays date.


Hi Cali, where in Germany is the phone, and can you send some pics of it? Thanks, Monika


I live close to Frankfurt.

Attached you’ll find some pics. And FYI it’s not the screen that’s cracked but the protection screen on top.


Hey there!
Interested in buying your Fairphone, do you know what shipping costs to the US?


Hi. Sorry that I didn’t answer sooner. It seems to be a big problem to ship cell phones to the US as a private individual because of the li-ion battery. I’ll call a shipping company on Monday but can’t promise anything.


Hi Mia,

I just talked to the shipping company. The shipping fee would be around 50€ but it might be that the cottage has to go through customs which you would also have to pay. Let me know if you’re still interested. Thanks.


Hey, I answered your question regarding the shipping costs. Are you still interested? Take care.

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Hi. Did you see my answer?

Hi there!
How much would it be to ship to the UK?

Hi Lou,

With DHL shipping costs should be around 10€. However, I’m not sure they are allowed to ship li-ion batteries. If you’re really interested in buying my fairphone I could contact a different shipping company. However, I don’t know if there’s also customs to pay.

Apart from duplicating a post, one I suppose you can delete it seems as long as the battery is in the phone shipping isn’t really an issue but if you were thinking of a loose battery then yes ~ a problem :slight_smile:

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