Fairphone 4 failing to find Bluetooth devices

Got my new Fairphone 4 on Wednesday. When I ask it to connect using Bluetooth, it can only find 1 of the 3 audio devices I used to use with my old Fairphone 3+: it can find the JBL speaker, but completely fails to detect my Cambridge Audio earphones and my Shokz earphones. I’ve read older forum threads indicating the need to update the operating system (done) and get the previous phone to forget the audio devices (impossible, as my old Fairphone 3 stopped charging and now the battery is completely flat and I have no way to switch it on nor to charge it). Any ideas?

Hi and welcome to the forum and community.

You might reset the two devices that are not connecting (they will forget all their pairings), and also find out if there are any firmware updates for them. Of course you’d have to find a way of applying an update if one is available.

Touch wood, I’ve never had BT problems with FPs, while I’m furious that my new Asus PC can’t talk with my soundbar (they say its firmware isn’t up-to-date and doesn’t conform to some standard or other), but my FPs can.

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Thanks! Yes, the earphones needed resetting so they forgot the old phone: bizarre that they need doing that - surely there must be other people who need/want to pair their earphones with more than 1 phone/computer/other sound system. Anyway, I can listen to music and podcasts again now.