Fairphone 4 e/OS explained?

I am sort of a noob when it comes to phones. I currently have an iPhone and want to switch to the Fairphone 4. I read they have the normal android version, or the e/os which is “de googled”. I understand that in a literal sense but im not sure what the difference is.

Can i still download normal apps that i use like snapchat, Fanduel, X etc? Ive used a normal android phone before as well. I basically use my phone for mostly work (gmail) and a lot of photos of family and such.

Any explanations would be very helpful! I appreciate any insight.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Why do you consider to buy a ‚degoogled‘ phone, if you use Google anyway?

it’s meant for people who want to use a smartphone without or at least as less as contact to Google as possible.


Exactly… i heard it it better for privacy which i love, but i rely so heavily on gmail for my company…

Im afraid if apps don’t work or dont work well, i wouldn’t know how to fix them is my other main concern.

In case you are employed you have no obligation to use your private phone for work stuff. They should get you a work phone, and you could do with your private phone whatever you want.


If you only need reading your gmail inbox, you can also use a Free-and-OpenSource email client for that, without installing the Gmail App.
I’m using K-9 Mail, you can easily configure any IMAP email provider. :slight_smile:


Ok right on! Do you think someone coming from the iPhone world that isnt too tech savvy would be fine with this operating system?

Also, i am only considering it because i live in the US and the only option here is the e/os…

Thats a good point honestly… I dont know how much leverage i have to demand a phone but i do think they pay me monthly for my phone.

Also thank you for that thread, very detailed. I dont fully understand the systems so to me, it seems like I would probably cause myself headaches if stuff didnt work and i had to configure fixes through forums. May be good to learn but seems like too much for my noobish self.

You have a Gmail account with K9 still? That isnt working since some time. However Fairemail works with Gmail accounts.

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Not anymore, I migrated to my own mail server several years ago :wink:
Thanks for your input

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Hello. I can’t offer tech advice but I can offer anecdotal encouragement. A few years ago I moved from an iPhone 11 pro max to a Fairphone 3 plus. I was a little daunted but very committed to the idea of joining the Fairphone community once I became aware of the phones (via a radio program). As a professional photographer my whole my whole world was Apple - imacs, mac books, ipads, and every other iphone since it was launched. To be honest I was just fed up giving Apple money. But I’d had very little contact with Android systems. However tech-wise it was the best moved I have ever made. A few years down the line and I’m now on a Fairphone 5. I am very proud of being a Fairphone user.

I found the transition very smooth. I haven’t had any problem with apps. I can pick up my Apple mail though I’ve integrated Gmail into my life as well. Other than devoting a little time to learning about the Fairphone in order to get the best out of it, my personal life and professional workflow barely skipped a beat. The double sim was a boon as well, living in France with a french number but maintaining an Irish number on an older mobile. So in effect I was able to swap two iphones for one Fairphone. (and selling the former comfortably paid for the later)

I’d gently encourage you to make the leap without overthinking it. If you feel yourself gravitating towards the concept, chances are you are already motivated enough make the transition work.

Good luck, Margaret