Fairphone 4: Do not hear anything on the phone

Not possible to give a call. Do not hear anything on the phone. Of course I tried to turn it louder to the max. No impact, cannot hear anything. Useless.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
First note this is a user forum and so help is only form other users…

  • If you’ve had the phone for less that 30 days you can probably send it back for a full refund

  • If longer you can still exploit the warranty

  • if neither of the above are valid options then please give details of what you are doing.

For example

  • Can you listen to music or any sound, for example via a music app or the internet

  • What network are you using?

  • Is it the same via WhatsApp or the like

  • Have you tested the microphones, speakers etc. via the build in app i.e. dial *#*#2886#*#


Welcome to the forum.

You’re obviously upset by your experience and while I can understand that, you would have to provide us with more details if you really expect any help. @anon9989719 already made some suggestions.

On top of that:

  • is this a brand new phone?
  • is this your first mobile phone?
  • is there anything that does actually work?

Hi, can I ask - do you use Bluetooth earbuds? When I remove mine without replacing them in the case the phone is still connected to them and if I take a call I can’t hear anything until I put the earbuds back in my ears or swap the output from Bluetooth back to phone. Hope this helps.

I Had a similar Problem, couldnt hear anything with the above speaker while calling.
Shutting Off Hearing aid compatibility solved this For me.
Maybe the Feature isnt implemented properly…

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