Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

Hi all

I ordered a fairhpone 4 last week however at the time there were no cases available. I absolutely must have a case as I drop my phones often.

Does anyone know if there are any 3rd party options for the case ? I’ve got a month until my phone is expected to arrived…


Hi @Jedi1337 Welcome to the forum
The main problem with cases are the positions for the buttons, usb port and speaker.
If you can adapt for that you will note that soem FP3 cases have stretched by seme few millimtres and as the FP4 is only soem 4mm larger than the FP3 you may find soemone will giev you their old FP3 case.

You may then cut out the back a bit more for the camera and the edgeds for the buttons etc.

At least it would act as a bumper for a while.

Why do you drop it?

You could get an attachment, one of those sucker things to hold between fingers when in use and have strap around your wrist etc.

Not brilliant ideas I know, but I would try something too.

Here’s an image of a stretched case, you will have to search the forum for the original user, that’s just a ref to the extent of stretching.

You will note I have added to the title. You may also like to post a request for an old FP3 case to experiment with in the Market Search category.

All the best :slight_smile:

For the Fairphone 4 cases it reads “will be shipped from the beginning of december”.


I’m hoping this case design with bumper corners I drew will fit my FP4 when it arrives.

I made a model of a FP4 to base the case on, but obviously I haven’t been able to verify the dimensions of the FP4 model. :stuck_out_tongue: It might be too thick.


What are you thinking of making the case from?

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The plan is mostly TPU, with only the corner parts being PLA, which hopefully snap onto the TPU.
Here is the TPU part shown without the phone or the PLA corners

It’s my first case, I’m expecting something to go wrong. :smiley:


That looks great! Could you share the 3D models (ideally upload them to Thingiverse)?


I’m happy to message the files to anyone who asks, but I think I will not be uploading them to thingiverse/etc until I have a Fairphone 4 and can check that my models do fit. :smiley: They are currently untested.


Would really like to see one of these wallet cases for the FP4 but attached with an inner case something like the cases FP themselves sell. I know you could buy one of those and stick it in the wallet case but I’d prefer getting it as one piece like I have for my prior phones.

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Maybe you could share images of what you had for your previous phones ?

Something like this.

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I was looking for something myself, but now it appears my Fairphone case will ship before the phone itself.

I did however come across this company making slip cases they say for the FP4 - even one to go over the phone with a case back on - has anyone come across these before? Are they any good? Order your sustainable case for your Fairphone 4 5G now

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I am interested in the files as well. It looks like the first real tough case for the FP4. Have you had a chance to test out your case w/ your phone yet?

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This is what I really want to know…

;- )


Is there any update on this? Basically a decent, tough case is the one thing preventing me from getting the FP4. I don’t mind it being chunky, but I want it to be tough (I work on site a lot lifting, shifting, driving, digging and so on so it has to be tough). I currently use a Spigen Tough Armor on my Pixel 3XL so something with similar functionality would be ideal for me (with the fold out stand which is surprisingly useful).

Spigen UK told me they don’t make one for the FP4 and wont be in the foreseeable future…


@Rosenbaer No, my fairphone 4 has not yet arrived, and I have not tried printing a case from my files yet, so at the moment the dimensions and design are still unverified and quite probably inaccurate in places.

If you want to have the files to test them out, you’re welcome to them so long as you let me know if anything needs to be changed. :wink: A set of fairphone 4 dimensions taken via calipers would be invaluable to refine the design.

@DLP no update yet as you can see above. :frowning:
And I do not trust my designs to be able provide Spigen levels of protection until I can go through several iterations. But perhaps someone else with more design experience can build an excellent case sooner than me.

@Paperpilot I would love to try your design and let you know if something needs to be changed.
If I may I would like to combine your design w/ something like this Selbstgemachte Silikon-Hülle, die garantiert auf dein Handy passt. - Geniale Tricks (there is an English version of it too) to make it a real tough case.
So your design will be the outer shell combined w/ a silicone inner shell.




A dual layer case design like an ottorbox commuter would be a little bulky, but yes very tough. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’s possible to design the equivalent of an otterbox defender? :thinking: The front glass layer in particular.

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I would go a little bit more traditional. I would use one of the many screen protectors out there like the ones from upscreen (there is even a 9H one made by them) and then try to make something like this Tough Case mit Foto selbst gestalten | dm Foto-Paradies (it is in German but you could use auto translate :wink: ). It is made of 2 pieces, the inner silicone one and the outer plastic one. I have one for an iPhone 5 and it is not that bulky
If you want to have a stand like the cases made by Spigen have, you could go Magsafe like and either work a thin magnet or a thin iron plate into the back of the cover to use it w/ an Anker MagGo or something similar.

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I would like to print myself a cover for my brand new Fairphone4

Could you upload the 3MF to thingyverse / Thangs / other plateform ?

Thanks a lot !

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