Enlargement of the phone case issue

Perhaps if you give it some time, the back cover will enlarge, too …
… into a full-size protective case! :grin:


How about a modular case, a back, four side pieces and four corners that can be trimmed as they grow. It will save a lot of waste and maybe even usable on the fantasy FP4. :scissors:

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So sad to hear that your new case is growing as well… I really hope that they can redesign it somehow to prevent this from happening in the future :confused:

But if it keeps growing, on air, water and sunlight maybe it will reproduce and you get two cases. It’s the new self replicating nano technology being tested in a simple format.

The idea is that the next FP4 will also grow with the case and eventually you will have a new phone, which will save a lot on support.

OK Have grown the case but it hasn’t worked very well. It hasn’t replicated the buttons and holes etc, though I can get five FP3’s in it.


You have a cover ready for the Fairphone Tablet

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For reference see this image, the case has expanded beyond the frame of the phone.

My green case, which discoloured to a yellowish green quickly in some places and is continuing to do so elsewhere, is also gradually loosening. The phone still stays inside the case, for now, but if I squeeze the sides and the bottom, a clear gap is visible between the top of the phone and the top of the inside of the case.


The case has a 2 year warranty too, so you can ask for a replacement if it becomes unusable etc.


Is the discoloration happening in places where your hands and fingers are the most often?

Because I have the suspicion that the case somehow absorbs oils and sweat from our hands and changes through this.

I don’t insert anything into the many apertures around the edge of the case apart from a cable into the USB C port, yet the inside edges of all of these are discolouring as well as all of the interior I now realise after removing the phone for the first time in a while… Only the obvious contact patches on the exterior are discoloured. Whilst it looks a mess, this isn’t a problem, but if the phone starts falling out of the case as it expands then I will need to seek a replacement.

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Same thing here, started stretching about a month after purchase (bought start of June this year). Phone now slides in the case vertically and horizontally and is on the verge of falling out. As others have said in this thread, I think it’s ridiculous that a 40€ case doesn’t even last a month and it gets absurd once you consider the idea behind it - being green/eco friendly. If I have to replace the case every month or so and every time a new one needs to be made and the old one tossed out, then how the hell is that more eco-friendly than buying one silicone case that lasts virtually forever?!

I’m getting a replacement under warranty myself but it doesn’t seem to me like that’ll solve anything. I think the staff at Fairphone should make some kind of statement because it seems to me like this isn’t just some fringe, small-number-of-defects problem.

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I just checked, I received my (green) FP3 Protective Case (together with the Screen Protector) on 20 April 2021, and it’s not showing any loosening so far. I keep shaking it every now and then, but have not been able to sense any movement of the device inside the case. Light user, so not much heating up of this FP3+.


Same for me, received the black protective case in January 2021, no enlargement at all until now.


Hi everyone!!

I’ve recently had to replace my green FP3 case after nine months, because the edges had stretched and got so loose that my phone was eventually going to pop out of it. I love the fact that they are made from recycled plastic, however at 40€ a pop plus postage they’re not cheap and I would like this new blue one to last longer than its green predecessor. Has anybody else had this experience of the case loosening? Does anyone have any tips on how to get a loose case back to its original state? I always have a phone ring stuck on my cases by the way, just in case that turns out to be relevant in any way!

Thanks everyone,



Yes, that’s why I moved your post here :wink: .
You might want to contact support to claim a warranty case … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us.


Thanks for moving my post! I will indeed contact support, they need the feedback. :wink:


@AnotherElk I followed the link. I read the following:

make charging easy and interesting.

I’ve never seen a product advertised as making charging interesting. This is truly revolutionary! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same for me. I’ve had the black case for about 10 months, still in good shape.

But my phone has a cusioned life, rides in a briefcase, rarely in pockets and rarely subjected to extremes of temperature.



Bad news, the new case I receive, a black one with recycled plastic, start again to enlarge, I suppose it’s a design issue, not a fabric temporary issue. I will probably use and reuse the warranty for that :frowning:
The enlargement is maximize when I do one of thins 3 types of things, gaming (big 3D games like Genshin), visio call with Telegram) or watch youtube/netflix/ADN for a long session, more than half an hour, generaly in wifi.

The temperature is hot but you can still touch the phone (like with my others phones).


Hi Justin,

Those activities generates heat as you mentioned, and when I track the battery temperature reaches between 40-45 degrees celcius when I have a video call for more than 30 mins for example, with an ambient temperature of 30-35 degrees. These cases are heat-resistant up to 55 grades celcius (according to the FP website). Therefore they are supposed to tolerate these temperatures but I also think that there is a considerable correlation about the temperature and the enlargement issue.
Maybe any other forum members experiencing enlargement in lower tempratures?