Fairphone 4 Battery sticks out

Hi FP Community,

I am wondering whether the battery of this FP4 is supposed to stick out like this? We took out the battery to insert the sim and then replaced the battery, but this just doens’t look right.
It works perfectly fine so far.



Maybe your phone or the battery is bent? Have you tried laying either of them down on a flat surface to check whether they are?

Edit to answer your question: Mine doesn’t stick out so I assume it is not supposed to.

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Is the sim really pushed till the end ? There is a click.


That looks like your battery is swelling (which can happen with Lithion-ion batteries sometimes) and you should replace it. It’s luckily not an “extreme” case yet, but for your safety I would still suggest replacing it as quickly as possible.


If it is swollen contact Fairphone support.
They are have tests to check such. See ‘Spin test’

This page was created back in the FP2 days but equally valid :slight_smile:


It does look like the battery has begun to swell, it best to replace it because later in time the battery may 1. increase swelling some more, or 2. explode, or 3. catch fire. You also could consider buying a back up battery. I usually have three batteries charged. I am a heavy user. Because I use the FB3+ as a mobile computer.

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It fit quite tight in the FP4, so you have to push it first on the contacts and then down on the green end. But you should only need a gentle push. Hard push means, there is something bend or swollen.

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Recognising a bloated battery should be quite easy, shouldn’t it? Lay it flat on the table and see if it wobbles. If both sides are flat and nothing wobbles, the battery should be OK in this regard.

Or am I seeing this wrong? I don’t want to give false advice, but that is what I would do.

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You are not wrong but spinning is the usual method. Flat batteries don’t spin well at all, but if there’s a bump it will spin well.

See the fairphone offical advice and method or go straight to a video example

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Thanks everyone for all your excellent help. It was a brand new phone, the battery was not swollen from what I could see. It seemed like the battery was getting “stuck” at the inside where there is a little sticker that might have been the issue?
However, as stupid as this might sound: the phone has gone missing and hasn’t reemerged yet :woman_facepalming: so the problem is solved in a rather unsatisfying way…
In case it re-appears, I shall get back to you.
Thank you!

That is rather odd I’m sure it wasn’t designed to walk away or hide. Maybe it vibrated itself off the arm of a settee and sank under the seating. ??

I have an alarm set, currently for 19:45 every day, so that if I misplace it or drop it in the fields I work in I listen out for it at that time. :slight_smile:

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