Fairphone 4 audio issue

Audio not working on my fairphone 4. When increasing/decreasing volume the icon seems to show that the phone is connected to Bluetooth and not playing through phone speakers. This happens even when phone not connected to anything and Bluetooth turned off. Can only hear phone calls no other media. Have tried resetting Bluetooth and WiFi and hasn’t done anything

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Could you specify which version of the operating system you are running: please go to
Settings > About phone > Build number
and post the build number.

That’s certainly not normal. Do you have any idea of what might have caused this? I presume you have been using a Bluetooth device for playback.

Just to be sure I advise testing the functioning of the earpiece and loudspeakers by using the built-in hardware testing utility of the phone:

  • Shut down the phone completely and wait for a minute before starting it again. Once the phone is up and running again,
  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Using the dialling keypad, enter *#*#2886#*#* in the same way you would enter a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears (be patient, this can take a few seconds).
  3. Select Manu.
  4. Tap on Audio. This test covers all audio components. The first test is for the receiver (earpiece). You need to tap on PASS to be able to continue to the speaker tests.
  5. After that there are two tests for the two speakers. You should be able to hear a voice speaking. You need to tap on PASS on the first speaker test to be able to reach the next one. Let us know what your results are.
  6. The last three tests for the microphones. You can go through them as well or just tap on FAIL to stop the tests. To test the microphones just rub your finger over the mic hole. Mic 1 is at the bottom, Mic 2 at the top, and Mic 3 on the left side.
  7. When finished, go to the bottom of the Service Menu and tap on “Exit”.

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