Fairphone 4 - 256gb - Grey + Green case


I’m selling my Fairphone 4 - 256gb - Grey + Green case - purchases in Sept 2022 and used until Dec 2023. It just come back from repair (the micro never worked very well but the issue is now solved). Little scratch next to the front camera and at the bottom right and slight scruff on the sides.

I’m sending it from Luxembourg so can do all EU country.

350 euros for the phone + case

See pictures here : https://photos.app.goo.gl/XYRBAKMVaUyvYioSA

Hi! May I ask, why are you selling it?

Hi Anete,

The experience with it was not to my liking - A mix of transitioning to Android and the phone itself I suppose. A lot of people like the FP4 but I’m not one of them :smile:

As I got an Iphone I prefer to sell it than keeping a perfect working condition phone in my draw - then it will not be very sustainable which defeat the purpose of purchasing this phone in the first place!

Hi Charlotte,

I don’t have the option to write to you direclty. Could you dm me?

Hi Anete

Did you receive my DM?

Good evening

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