Fairphone 3 would not turn on anymore


When I was casually listening to music last week, my fairphone just shut down.
It had at least 20% charge and worked perfectly fine during the first half of the day.
Now it won’t turn on anymore.

The charging LED stayed black when I tried to charge it.
I’ve tried to plug it on a regular charger that works for other phones for several hours and on a pc charger for five minutes.

Pressing the “lock” button with or without the down volume button gives no results.

I went to a local phone repair shop to get some advice from them.
They cleaned the inside and checked if the battery had any issue.
Unfortunately it gave no results and they were not able to tell me if the battery was dead ether.

Is there a specialised fairphone repairing shop in Paris that could give me some advices ?
Would you recommend sending a message to the Fairphone Support ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You could try a
(Dictionary Entry: Kickstart) to reset the sotware in your battery.

Hi Zector and welcome to the community forum.
I can help you with testing the battery, as I have a FP3.
I’ll send you a pm to fix details if that would help.


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