Fairphone 3 works well in Toronto, Canada with Freedom Mobile!

Hello all,

I’ve had my Fairphone 3 for a few days now; I live in Toronto, Canada and shipped it to a friend in the UK who brought it here for me. My mobile carrier is Freedom Mobile, and while not technically savvy I did do quite a bit of research beforehand to make sure it’s compatible, and I’m happy to say that it is and all works fine (as best I can tell the FP3 is missing Band 66, but has the other three 4G bands that Freedom uses as well as many of the 3G bands). Downtown I’m always on 4G; a bit farther out it’s sometimes on 3G but still works fine. Anyone in Toronto who’d like to find out more feel free to reply here!



Hi Brad

I travelled to Toronto this year. What a beautiful and cool place! My wife and me had a wonderful time there.
I had my Fairphone 2 with me and was wondering if it worked at all. I bought a pre-paid SIM card from Lucky Mobile at a Walmarts in Nova Scotia. Out there in the Atlantic wilderness I was lucky to have a reception at all. 3G was the best I could get in coastal towns. In Montréal and finally in Toronto I enjoyed constant and stable 4G.
Have fun with your sustainable phone. I hope Fairphone will be available in Canada on a regular basis some day.

Best wishes
Andreas from Germany


This is very encouraging. I hear people have had good luck with FIDO network as well. I think with the FP3 I am now ready to take the plunge knowing it will work in North America. I think Canada is really ready for investing in ethical phones. I hope Fairphone will redouble its efforts to make the phone functional here and reduce the complexities of buying/shipping it here.


Interesting to know.

Was in the area last year for an expo, hoping to visit again this year :slight_smile:

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Hi all, just confirming FP2 is working fine with FIDO in Toronto GTA!


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