Fairphone 3 with LineageOSMicroG does not allow to login to DigiD (Dutch site) with QR in DigiD-app

Fairphone 3 with LineageOSMicroG does not allow to login to DigiD (Dutch site) with QR in DigiD-app.
This LineageOSMicroG is based on Android 13.

Have tried in Firefox and Chromium.
The use of QR codes in e.g. my bank app, works fine.
Using my old FP2, with LineageOS based on Android 11, and APS, it is possible to login to DigiD with the QR code…

Anyone with a similar issue?

No such issue here but you could give some other QR app a try to find out why it´s not working on your side.

My recommendation unless you know something better: a privacy friendly QR Scanner (app link: Secuso - Karlsruhe Institude of technology)

That one should be able to read out the path/info inside the QR code

Yup, QR code scanning in the DigiD app has been broken in microG for quite a while.

I can’t find an issue report in microG for that, but there is one for other apps: [com.ing.banking] Scanning a QR-code is not working · Issue #1640 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

Consider reporting it to them (I thought it was already open).

thnx DonFnord; I guess the app will not help, since there is some cross-checking with the app and the website, not just an URL.

thnx TheLastProject,
I’ll indeed create a report. As written, it does work with a bank app, so the issue may be different to #1640.

Ah, ok…

When filing an issue, I see there are specific settings in MicroG that I completely missed, and that may be well related to the issue:
Installation · microg/GmsCore Wiki · GitHub

  • Google account
  • Google devise registration
  • Cloud messaging
  • Google SafetyNet
  • Location Modules…
  • Exposure Notifications

Let me find out which is needed for DigiD…

I have the same issue. Other apps, including banking apps can scan QR codes without problem. But DigiD can´t. The camera turns on and I can see the QR code, but it never ‘clicks’.
I have LineageOSMicroG with Android 12.

@cornouws , did you find the solution?

If I understand correctly, this is due to the fact that this app is using Google APIs to scan QR codes. The issue is reported: Implementing MLKit API (say, for scanning QR codes / barcodes) · Issue #2018 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

More reactions there might lead the developers to understand its importance.

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