Fairphone 3 with a second SIM card restarts permanently

I have two SIM cards in my Fairphone 3 (I am currently travelling and left my home SIM card in the slot #1, but disactivated it).
Now the phone is permanently restarting.
Does anybody have the same problem?
Or - even better, a solution?

Have you tried everything in this guide > Troubleshoot the SIM card(s) – Support (fairphone.com) ?

Good luck and best wishes,

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Did the reboots happen also before deactivating your, primary card?
Did you check the #rebootsguide ?

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The phone restarts only if there are two cards in it - regardless if I activate the second card or not.

Could it be that it only restarts because of your additional sim card (and not because of two sim cards)? Maybe there’s something wrong with your additional one?

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It happened a few times already - always with different SIM cards. But only if I am abroad. At the moment I am in Australia. I had my German card in slot 1 and my Australian card in slot 2.
The phone was restarting almost every 2-3 minutes.
After I took my German card out and put the Australian one in slot 1 it works.

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Might there be anything wrong with your second sim card slot? What happens if you only have one sim in the phone in the second slot (I think this should also be possible)?

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Hello Volker,
I put the SIM card in slot 2. Works fine.
I will try it with two cards later. I read that you have to select all services (phone, data and text) from one card only.
I think, I chose data from one card and phone and text from the other (I just wanted to use up the remaining data from my home card).
Maybe this was the problem.
I will let you know. Thanks for your help so far!!

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Hi Volker,
I just wanted to let you know that the SIM card problem is solved.
I set all services (data, call and text to one card) and it didn’t restart.




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