Fairphone 3 when?

When can I buy a Fairfone 3???

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I am not sure, if even Fairphone can tell you a certain date.
They just anounced - a while ago - that there will be a new phone-model later this year.
From previous experience I would be prepared to wait til spring 2020. While there might be a bit more pressure now to shorten the “phoneless time”, the main target sure is to present a phone that is fully developed and thoroughly tested.


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I saw it was launched on the 27.08 and I’ve ordered it but it said “pre-order”. What does that mean? How long do we need to wait? Is it already available?

From what I’ve heard, when you place the order an estimated shipping date is displayed; this should also be included in the order confirmation e-mail.
The shop currently shows ‘shipping mid-October’, but when sales started this was mid-September. Previously, Fairphones became available in batches, so the estimated shipping date depends on the where you are in the queue (so check you confirmation for which estimate applies to your order). Pre-order means that the first devices have not yet been shipped from the factory, and hence there is no current stock. Shipping estimates are therefore based on projected availability - which may or may not closely correspond to actual availability.

Addendum: This answers the question more accurately:

Note that any reports about the device on the forum and on the internet relate to a small batch of demo units, which came from a small testing production run.


Sales seem to be up and running.

  • Resellers will get their phones from September 4th.
  • Shipping for orders right after the presentation on August 27th will start mid September.
  • Shipping for orders of (roughly) August 28th will start late September.
  • Shipping for orders of (roughly) August 29th will start early October.
  • Shipping for orders now will start mid October.

Thanks for the info! My order doesn’t display any date, thus my question.

After ordening I got two messages:

  • Confirming payment for FP200******, in this email there is no mention of shipping date.
  • Thanks for your order # FP200******, In this email directly under the order number I see the shipping date.
    I ordered on 29th of August in the morning and ‘my’ shipping date is early October.
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Other than what you posted I’ll patiently wait for mid September. I’ll get a T&T code and next day DHL is already delivering it.

Looking forward to using the FP3, and playing around with UT/SFOS//e/ on my FP2. :slight_smile: (I also bought some NFC toys and hope to finally be able to use my Solo NFC on a FP :slight_smile: )

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